Chuangrui,Sincere cooperation, mutual interests, facing the national market, we speak with strength!

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2019-12-11 10:31
In December, chuangrui welcomed two Spanish friends from afar, and the company responsible for the general manager wu and international trade department manager xu launched a friendly exchange and meeting.
During the meeting, manager xu explained the excellent performance of peristaltic pump and the wide application and powerful functions of chuangrui peristaltic pump.
As our old customers, they are very sure and trust chuangrui's peristaltic pump products. They also hope to have more cooperation opportunities in the continuous communication and learning, so as to push the high-quality products to the bigger international stage.

Chuangrui,Sincere cooperation, mutual interests, facing the
The pleasant exchange was over, and the Baoding Ancient Lotus Pond was a must-see.
Baoding Ancient Lotus Pond, built in 1227, has a history of nearly 800 years. It was once the residence of a famous military general, Zhangrou. It has gone through the historical changes of private, official, academy, pavilion and public gardens.,ith its strong historical accumulation, it is one of the top ten gardens in China.
China's history and cultural heritage, international reputation, Chinese hospitality and smart diligence, has been recognized by friends of all countries, with the reform and opening up of the continuous in-depth development and economic globalization of each other, the Chuangrui pump industry in the environment, actively develop foreign markets to develop foreign trade

In 2011, our company successfully entered the international market with the brand of "Chuangrui peristaltic pump". At present, our products have been sold at home and abroad.
After years of hard work, chuangrui always adhere to innovation and breakthrough, its peristaltic pump products have been exported to the world, in a variety of forms and friends from all over the world to promote the development of chuangrui brand.
We use a solid product quality, professional custom service attentively, adhere to the "Tech Craft, Prolonged carve, just for better pump." corporate culture, for the research and development of domestic and foreign customers with high quality high level of peristaltic pump products.   

Besides producing standard peristaltic pump and filling system, our company also focuses on ideal OEM, ODM, product design and customization. Our main products include:
Speed type peristaltic pump, Flow type peristaltic pump,Industrial type peristaltic pump,Dispensing type peristaltic pum,Micro type peristaltic pump, Explosion-proof type peristaltic pump, Filling system peristaltic pump, Syringe pump and a series of customized product,Can provide customers with a full range of safe and reliable fluid handling.

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