What do you know about small peristaltic pumps?

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2019-12-06 13:27
Peristaltic pump is also divided into large, medium, small, today we talk about the small peristaltic pump.
The search volume of small peristaltic pump is second only to that of peristaltic pump on the 100 degree index, and then the micro peristaltic pump. The combined index of small peristaltic pump and micro peristaltic pump is almost close to that of peristaltic pump.
So today we're going to talk about what we call this little peristaltic pump.
Let's be clear first, the small peristaltic pump does not actually have a pump called a small peristaltic pump, but some pumps are relatively small, people called it a small peristaltic pump.
And then let's talk about what's called a small peristaltic pump?First is our laboratory peristaltic pump. Take our lab series products as an example. Such products are relatively small and compact in design, which are suitable for placement in the laboratory.Of course, this type of peristaltic pump and industrial peristaltic pump, regardless of the flow or size are very small, so the laboratory peristaltic pump is usually referred to as a small peristaltic pump, this is more common.
Then we come to another product that is often referred to as a small peristaltic pump, the peristaltic pump head series.This product is often bought by people as a set to use, this only a pump head of the product and the whole system, simplified a lot, at the same time in the volume of a lot of small, so people also often called the peristaltic pump for small peristaltic pump.
In addition there is a kind of peristaltic pump is often referred to as small peristaltic pump, in the us, for example, just like our ice cream on the below, the special small peristaltic pump, some with palm size, some have not the palm of your hand, the peristaltic pump is smaller compared to other peristaltic pump, so this is why people often say to the small peristaltic pump.
Up to this point, we often mentioned three small peristaltic pump has been said, and then you have any other questions about small peristaltic pump?If you do not understand what you are welcome to consult us.

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