TX315 pump head :Easy loading and unloading flip type precision pump head

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2019-08-28 12:40
Enjoy simple and practical, make a [humanized] pump head
The TX315 series pump head is a new clamshell pump head newly developed by Chuangrui R&D team based on market demand. In addition to the advantages of integrating other pump heads, TX315 has more focus on its products. “On-site operation” and “actual experience”, and creatively added a series of humanized detail processing, both in terms of performance and structure, to meet the customer's multiple application requirements.

product description
·Powerful and widely used
TX315 pump head, the shell material is made of special materials with high strength and good chemical resistance, suitable for most working environments. The pump head can be used with 7 different sizes of hoses to meet the flow requirements of different industries. The unique simple clamshell pressure tube design provides a guarantee for simplifying the loading and unloading process and ensuring transmission accuracy in practical applications. Because of its small size, compact structure and easy operation, it is widely used in various equipment, such as analytical instruments, filling equipment, medical equipment, etc.
·Detailed processing, user-friendly operation
Disassembly, fine-tuning, application... TX315 pump head starts from every operation “point”, and is equipped with unique humanized treatment (flip anti-slip embossing table design, side pressure tube marking and positioning design, no wear sliding cover) Upturned design, screw rolling fine-tuning tube design; upper and lower zigzag pressure tube design, etc.), in addition to performance innovation, the designer team ingenuity gives the product another color. TX315, focusing on practical experience, highlighting the charm with details.
· Support OEM customization, filling system application;
· Independent research and development, official authentic, one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Basic parameters
suitable tube  
Functional design 
1.anti-skid when the cover is opened
Concave and convex anti-slip design at the clamshell,frosted shell,open the cover easily without slipping


2. Compact structure
Stable structure,no spring, no screw when the clamp is opened and closed, sliding design,easy and smooth operation,It can effectively avoid parts loss and failure.

3.Quick installation of tubes
Flip-type clamp design, flip up, fixed into the hose and then turn down, use the left and right scroll of the adjustment screw to lift the card slot, adjust the tube tightly according to the pointer positioning, easy to complete the tube installation, saving time and effort.

4.Precision pressure tube
The side of the pump casing, the pointer is concise and clear, according to the wall thickness and inner diameter of the tube, the pressure tube positioning is precisely adjusted.

5.Steady operation
Saw ruler shaped bayonet, easy to fix the tube wall, no running or sliding tube during operation (non-sharp design, no cutting of pump pipe)

6.Easy installation
The design of the non-connected shaft and the pump head nail is to install the “pump head connecting plate on the drive, and the pump head can be directly screwed and fixed on the connecting plate.
7.Flow is widely
Multi-hose model fit, multi-drive model fit, transferable, support OEM, wide range of applications.
8.Compact and delicate
The pump head is compact and delicate, which saves working space.
9.strong and sturdy
Casing material high strength.Roller for high-end special material, wear - resistant and durable.
product structure
A.Briquetting  B.Pump head connection plate C.Pump tube bayonet up/down (saw card slot above/below) D.Rotor assembly E.Support block F.Adjustment screw (fine tuning the tightness of card tube)
 Pump head installation
①Remove the "pump head connection plate" from the pump head
Push the white paddles outward, fix the pump head with both hands, right hand to rotate the  counterclockwise and remove the connecting plate
②Secure the connecting plate to the drive
Secure the connecting plate to the drive connection and tighten the nut.
③Align the connecting plate and install the pump head
Turn over the upper briquetting, hand held rotor aligned with pump body slot, close the briquetting after fixing, turn clockwise to put on the connecting plate
④Pull the white paddles back inward, complete the installation, prepare to install the hose

Pump tube installation
① Open the pressure block  
Fix the pump head with both hands, turn up 90°, and open the pressure block
② Loading the pump tube
Pull the tube left and right, try to place the tube in the middle of the roller
③ Reset the press block 
Original path reset, flip down 90°, close the pressure block
④ Fine adjustment the tube
Left and right rolling adjustment screw, lifting and fine tuning the tightness of the card tube


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