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2019-08-23 16:07
GS600 is the most classic model of the integrated intelligent filling system of chuangrui, as well as a production-type peristaltic pump with high feedback and favorite by customers in the market, which can be widely used in various industries.This system has the detailed function processing, the intelligent touch screen operation and the diversification matching choice.It is suitable for "multi-channel, high-volume, high-precision, and pollution-free" liquid filling and sub-packing of enterprises, such as: glue sub-packing, batch filling of drinks, etc., which can be matched with both small production equipment and large production workshop.
Chuangrui team focuses on creating "intelligent operation & automatic production" peristaltic pump filling system, focusing on innovative research and development and details improvement, only to make every simple setting can be transformed into a precise perfusion again and again, to create a more efficient intelligent filling!
Product features
Intelligent control to create efficient production
· equipped with customer data storage function, the most common filling mode can keep 12 groups, effectively saving operation time;
·5 inches - industrial-grade real color LCD, "intelligent touch control + shortcut button" dual-mode operation, more intelligent and convenient;
· working status | filling data | setting parameters | system configuration and other information, same screen animation display, production status and data monitoring more intuitive;
· sensor can be equipped to realize no-bottle stop irrigation function to avoid liquid loss and equipment contamination.
· support connecting foot switch or receiving switch signal to realize remote control;Support external control, RS485 communication protocol, so that the filling production is simpler and safer;
Flexible configuration, widely used
· filling time | filling times | interval time parameter setting range is large (see instructions), can meet the diverse production needs of bulk filling;
·The adaptive pump head is YZ1515X, YZ2515X;Available hose - small flow | basic flow | industrial type.Multiple options configuration, wide flow range·
·Multi-unit (4 channels/unit) combination installation, the same controller can be extended to 16 channels at most, and each channel is equipped with independent film button and lED digital display function, suitable for multi-channel, batch processing of various industrial fluids.
· the body is made of stainless steel, with high sanitary level and high safety index, which meets the production requirements of FDA and GMP, and is suitable for food production and filling equipment of various medicines.
Detailed design, accurate filling
· after setting parameters, the system enters automatic operation, replacing human operation with high-precision transmission of machinery, making intelligent filling more accurate;
· intelligent calibration function and online fine tuning function are provided to support single channel fine tuning of cascade pump head to effectively reduce filling errors;
·0~360° suction Angle setting to prevent dripping and achieve higher filling accuracy;
· full-speed functional design, fast tube filling, ensure the accuracy of the initial production state;
· the product has a high precision control basis, and the classic YZ series pump head and standard hose are selected to easily achieve precision filling.

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