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2018-08-20 09:17

Peristaltic pump prices have always been an important factor for customers.
Peristaltic pump price 1
The cheapest peristaltic pump should be an OEM peristaltic pump.In other words, the OEM peristaltic pump  price has the lowest price.The reason is simple. 
Peristaltic pump price
 The constitution of the OEM peristaltic pump is very simple. It is divided into three parts: motor, gearbox, and pump head.
Peristaltic pump price
The slightly more expensive peristaltic pump is a digital display of pump.
Peristaltic pump price
This type of peristaltic pump is equipped with housings, fans, main boards and other components. They have a wider range of use, higher accuracy, and more durable.
Peristaltic pump price
All functions of this product specific peristaltic pump: transmission, multiple filling, matching multiple pump heads.

The most expensive peristaltic pump on the market is a touch-operated peristaltic pump.This type of peristaltic pump is simple to operate and uses liquid crystal display.
Peristaltic pump price
The price of different types of peristaltic pumps is not the same, customers can choose the right peristaltic pump according to their own needs.

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