Peristaltic pump advantages

Peristaltic pump advantages

1, clean pollution-free: fluid only through and contact with peristaltic pump hose. Because the delivery of material only contact with the peristaltic pump hose, peristaltic pump used to achieve the peristaltic pump GMP, USP Class VI, FDA a

1, clean pollution-free: fluid only through and contact with peristaltic pump hose. Because the delivery of material only contact with the peristaltic pump hose, peristaltic pump used to achieve the peristaltic pump GMP, USP Class VI, FDA and NSF and other clean certification standards, does not contain a variety of toxic and hazardous substances, and because soft The tube can be easily replaced and disinfected. The method of disinfection can be ETO, radiation, 2.5Mradγ ​​sterilization and autoclave sterilization.
2, constant current, high precision, adjustable flow: high repeatability, strong stability, easy to adjust the flow. Due to peristaltic pump per revolution, the pump out of the volume is constant, so the discharge of the liquid to reproduce the highest accuracy of up to five thousandths, generally can reach plus or minus one percent, so Jie Constant peristaltic pump, also known as constant flow pump. Peristaltic pump in the case of constant current and high precision can easily by changing the pump speed to achieve free flow regulation and calibration.
3, low shear force: It is the ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and aggressive fluid. Low shear force is mainly for other conventional pump species such as the impeller pump and the mechanical pump, such as centrifugal pump, which will shear the liquid when the impeller is in operation. For some liquids containing solids, Shear force will cause fatal damage to the solid.
4, corrosion resistance: can transport a variety of fluids, such as organic solvents, corrosive liquids. Some corrosive liquids can cause intrusion and decomposition damage to mechanical pumps such as impeller pumps. Peristaltic pumps can replace pump tubes of different materials so as to transport different liquid types such as strong water and sulfuric acid and other organic solvents.
5, can be idling, dry running: peristaltic pump can dry for a long time, anhydrous delivery, can also transport air, gas-liquid solid three-phase mixed delivery. Peristaltic pump in operation when the maximum speed is mostly within 600 rpm, instant air will not send too high temperature, will not damage the pump, peristaltic pump so air, liquid, solid-liquid mixed, delivery.
6, with self-absorption capacity: self-absorption, without filling pump, without emptying. Due to the principle of a peristaltic pump, the pump wheel will compress the pump tube. The displacement of the pump wheel causes the liquid to enter the inlet end of the pump tube to suck in the liquid. Therefore, the peristaltic pump can be self-priming without filling and emptying. The suction height with the different hardness of the pump tube, you can reach 5 meters, 8 meters or higher water column inhalation capacity.
7, stop valve function, no siphon, no seals: a specific good sealing, stop valve and check valve function. Peristaltic pump wheel in the course of the work will always pump impeller pressure, so the liquid will only move toward the direction of the wheel will not flow back to form a one-way valve function, the pump stops working, the liquid will not Backflow and siphon play the role of stop valve. Peristaltic pumps therefore also do not require any mechanical seals.
8, two-way transfer function: As long as the pump pump to change the direction of the pump can be anti-pumping and back to function. The peristaltic pump generates a pumping displacement on the wheel and can therefore easily change the direction of rotation of the wheel, making it easy to change the direction of pumping.
9, easy to maintain: just replace the peristaltic pump hose, no valve and seal replacement. The QI Peristaltic Pumps Without these valves and seals, the peristaltic pumps are simple and reliable to construct and therefore require no special maintenance other than the need to change tubing.
10, can withstand higher temperatures: peristaltic pump tube maximum working temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius
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