How is the dispensing peristaltic pump flow calculated?

2017-08-11 13:10
How is the dispensing peristaltic pump flow calculated? A dispensing peristaltic pump peristaltic pump head can be equipped with a variety of pump tubes, each different diameter of the pump tube flow is not the same, the same peristaltic pump head diameter larger, then the peristaltic pump head per turn of the flow The bigger, the smaller the other.
In the ideal state does not take into account the impact of liquid viscosity on the flow under the premise of the peristaltic pump per turn of the flow generated by the same, then if every minute turn 10ml flow that is 10ml / min, if the rotation per minute N The traffic is equal to 10 times N.
Of course, the reality of the situation and the ideal a little discrepancy, mainly in the following areas:
1, because the dispensing peristaltic pump peristaltic pump to rely on the rebound of the pump tube inhalation of liquid, peristaltic pump hose rebound is necessary for a certain period of time, the more liquid delivery of the viscous, the longer the time required for its rebound. So the rebound time of the pump is less than the peristaltic pump 1 wheel displacement time (peristaltic pump runner if the composition of the two wheels, 2 rounds of arc is 180 degrees, when a wheel half a circle to do the circular motion The time required is a wheel displacement time, the higher the speed, this time will be shorter). The relationship between the flow rate of the peristaltic pump and the speed is the linear growth relationship. If the time required for the rebound is greater than the time of the wheelbase displacement, the peristaltic pump hoses are not fully reared by the runner again, and the flow rate of the peristaltic pump will be better than the pump When the flow is small. Of course, if the dispensing peristaltic pump speed is fixed, then each turn is also fixed.
2, the greater the export back pressure, discharge flow will be affected, because the pressure of exports will increase the pump tube, the discharge of liquid will be reflux, if the discharge pressure is greater than the pump pressure, then the liquid Will be able to discharge and cause a complete reflow phenomenon.
Conclusion: Therefore, when calculating the flow rate of the dispensing peristaltic pump, we should consider the effect of the increase of the dispensing peristaltic pump speed and the viscosity of the liquid on the rebound of the hose. If the speed of the peristaltic pump is constantly changing, it can not be calculated exactly as a simple product relationship. In general, the experience tells us that the liquid with a lower specific gravity of the liquid that can be delivered quickly, the pump with a speed below 300 rpm, can be calculated by product relationship. If the viscosity is very high, consider reducing the experience speed.
How is the dispensing peristaltic pump flow calculated?

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