What are the causes of the dispensing peristaltic pump called constant current pump?

Keywords: Dispensing peristaltic pump,Peristaltic pump
2017-08-11 11:34
The emergence of dispensing peristaltic pump products has contributed to the further development of the dispensing peristaltic pump related industries, through the use of various equipment, technical level, and further promote the development of the relevant industry.
So far, this dispensing peristaltic pump is also known as a constant current pump, belonging to a constant current pump played a certain role. According to the current development situation, there are more opportunities for development, the current industry has multiple pumps can achieve cross-flow function, and then peristaltic pump knowledge of one of the equipment. Peristaltic pump as a constant current pump has some advantages, to improve the efficiency. This peristaltic pump is a clean and pollution-free equipment, high precision: cross flow, attention to the accuracy of up to 0.5%, the flow can be precisely adjusted, low shear, with strong corrosion resistance, Running, etc., and then there is such a peristaltic pump products with simple maintenance, easy installation, can withstand a higher temperature with a self-priming ability of two-way delivery function of the dispensing peristaltic pump, a constant current pump Species with the use of the value of the product.
The development of the dispensing peristaltic pump has promoted the development of the constant current pump and contributed to the development of the related industry.

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