What are the techniques for using the cr peristaltic pump?

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Skills 1:
If the peristaltic pump does not work, release the pressure clamp to extend the life of the pump tubing. Peristaltic pump is compressed by the hose and hose natural rebound to produce suction and fluid delivery, in order to keep the pump tube longevity, when not using the pump, try to lift the pump head block, so that the pump tube in the natural pressure State, thus extending the pump tubing life.
Skills 2:
Peristaltic pump selection to meet the flow of the premise, as far as possible to reduce the pump speed to 300 rpm. The flow rate of the peristaltic pump is generated by the rotation of the pump head. If the rotation is faster, the time of the pump pipe will be shorter, so when you want the pump tube to use longer, you can choose the larger diameter pump as much as possible, Thereby reducing the pump speed. Skills 3:
Pump head with peristaltic pump dedicated pipe, the rest of the pipe with a common pipe. Peristaltic pump with the extrusion tube due to the need for good compression resilience, tear resistance, so the pump pipe material purity is relatively high, high wall thickness and shape accuracy, which will cause the peristaltic pump tube prices higher. So the use of ordinary tube to do the connection will be more economical.
Skills 4:
The peristaltic pump tube inlet is as short as possible and the pipe joint and the caliber are not lower than the caliber of the tube loaded with the pump head. Peristaltic pump suction is generated by the pump tube rebound, if the pipeline, especially the inlet pipe is too long or smaller diameter, will cause the suction end resistance is too large, the resistance is too large pump tube rebound will be blocked, so the actual delivery Traffic will be greatly lost. Similarly, if the outlet pipe is smaller or the pipe is too long, because the peristaltic pump discharge pressure is usually small, when the discharge resistance is too large will cause the output flow to reduce the phenomenon.
Skills 5:
Peristaltic pump selection when the theoretical flow is greater than the actual flow, preferably greater than 30%. Peristaltic pump tube is softer, so the resulting negative pressure and discharge pressure is small, if the transmission of the liquid has a certain viscosity or the pipeline has a certain length, it will cause the actual flow loss, in order to achieve the required flow selection Theoretical traffic will be slightly higher than the actual flow.
Skills 6:
Peristaltic pump in the course of attention to clean up the pump shell and pump tube debris. As the peristaltic pump is a relatively sophisticated instrument, mainly by the pump shell to maintain a high degree of precision gap, and thus efficient squeeze the pump tube, if the pump tube due to damage into the liquid pump to the pump casing pressure and pressure and the pump tube, It will change the pump head of the compression gap, even if it is a small change in the pump tube will also cause excessive wear and tear, serious will affect the pump head caused damage to the pump head.
Skills 7:
Peristaltic pump in the use of time to check the pump tube wear situation. Because the peristaltic pump tube is a wearing part, once the damage will cause liquid leakage, so to check the pump surface is the pump early grinding to prevent the pump tube damage.
Skill 8:
In the choice of peristaltic pump when the need to pay attention to the need to transport the liquid will not corrode the pump tube. Because the pump tube material is more, the type of liquid is also very much, no one pump tube can withstand all the liquid, so need to confirm their own liquid type, through the chemical compatibility table to do comparison or by immersion experiments to ensure that the pump can use.

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