What are the points to buy peristaltic pumps?

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2017-07-20 08:49
How to buy high-quality peristaltic pump products, which have to pay attention to what matters? The following Baoding Chuangrui peristaltic pump manufacturers to explain the points to buy peristaltic pump.
One: the number of peristaltic pump channels
The general peristaltic pump is only equipped with a pump head, then there are two pump head, you can choose according to their own needs, there are two, there are four, but pay attention to as long as the maximum torque is not more than the drive can be of.
Second: control accuracy
As a liquid delivery of an instrument for some areas on the peristaltic pump control accuracy has certain requirements for the accuracy of the flow control and the pump has a direct relationship between the motor, so we choose to look at the motor, the peristaltic pump drive Stepper motor speed higher precision, flow control is more accurate.
Three: control mode
Now the CR peristaltic pump operation can be said to be very simple, there is a monitor in front of a variety of data will be displayed on the above, and the peristaltic pump also achieved through some equipment to control, there are many different for the control, so we choose According to their own needs to choose their own.
    The peristaltic pump is the leading pump on the market, and there is a lot of advantages for the Chuangrui peristaltic pump. Knowing some of the peristaltic pump-related knowledge is very helpful for your purchase and use.

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