How to ensure the filling accuracy of peristaltic pump?

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2017-07-18 17:31
Now, Chuangrui peristaltic pump is the prevalence of a high-precision liquid transmission products, a wide range of applications.
What is peristaltic pump filling accuracy?
Peristaltic pump filling is the amount of liquid that is delivered over a specified period of time. Filling accuracy is repeated after filling the measurement error.
So how to improve the filling speed of peristaltic pump? The following Shen Chen pump to introduce you to the following:
First, the number of pulses used to control the amount of filling, this approach allows the peristaltic pump every time the distribution of the number of pilot operation is the same, this approach is much better than the time timer.
Second, with the time timer to control the filling volume, this method is relatively simple to achieve, but there is a drawback that the error is large, because the temperature or the impact of the formation of the program.
Third, the use of point of view control technology to control the amount of filling. This is also the number of pulses used to control the filling volume, but in the bottom of the above plus a stop in the time point of view control, meaning that every time this machine peristaltic pump wheel will be in the same direction.
The above is to improve the peristaltic pump filling accuracy of the method.If you have questions about peristaltic pumps, please consult our staff.Baoding Chuang Rui  Precision Pump Co., Ltd.

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