How to choose the peristaltic pump tubing

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2017-07-18 17:02

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Chuangrui peristaltic pump transmission has a very good accuracy, which is beyond its first product of the same characteristics. The impact of this performance is not just the pump itself, the pump tube in which also played an extremely important important. Different industries need to buy a different pump tube, which do not have to talk too much, but in the purchase of peristaltic pump pump when the need to consider the following factors.

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peristaltic pump pressure: different pump tube pressure are not the same, this should be based on our choice of peristaltic pump to select the appropriate pump tube.
wink 2: peristaltic pump operating temperature: If our working temperature is too high, we need to choose high temperature pump tubing. If it is working at room temperature, and no special requirements to choose the ordinary pump tube can be.
cheeky 3: peristaltic pump tube size: the size of the pump tube for the flow of transmission also played a certain role in the role. Good pump tube diameter is usually relatively large, so that the transmission of more traffic, and has a good resilience.

angel 4.  Whether the liquid is corrosive, if the liquid is corrosive, the general peristaltic pump tube may not work for a long time.

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