What are the differences between peristaltic pumps and chemical pumps?

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2017-07-17 10:12
In all walks of life, the use of peristaltic pump is very common, and peristaltic pump in the choice of time to consider a variety of factors, then it and chemical pump What are the differences? Now I give you a detailed introduction.

 What is the difference between a chemical pump and a peristaltic pump? It is understood that peristaltic pump is the world's fastest growing technology, usually, chemical corrosion products eroded diaphragm pumps and single screw pump valves, seals, rotors and moving parts, resulting in damage to the pump, causing production disruption. The peristaltic pump has no valves, no leakage, no mechanical parts on the product line. The fluid is only in contact with the inner wall or pipe of the hose, and the cost of the tube is very low and less maintenance and is very durable. Chemical pump selection usually considered factors: in the chemical production process. Once the pump fails, the chemicals can not be added normally and the production process will be interrupted.

Peristaltic pump in the use of chemical industry is very common, peristaltic pump process is very simple, very easy to use, and now, as our technology gradually mature, peristaltic pump performance is more stable.
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