Peristaltic pump technology has been successfully applied to the instrument industry

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2017-07-21 15:06

Touch technology has been successfully widely application in instrument industry

    Now the touch technology application field expand from previous bank ATM, industrial computer to mobile phone, PDA, GPS (Global Positioning System), MP3, and even tablet PCs (UMPC) and other public consumer electronics. In the future , the simple touch operation, convenient and user-friendly touch screen interface is expected to become the best human-computer interaction and rapidly growing popularity.

    Touch technology is widely application 

   Touch screen originated in the 1970s, is mostly being installed in the industrial computer, POS terminal and other industrial or commercial equipment. In 2007 with the iPhone came to people,iphones has become a milestone in the development of the touch industry. Apple have changed the original  20 keys mobile phone, designed to be able to get only three or four keys, the remaining actions all by the touch screen to complete. In addition it gives users more direct and convenient operation experience, but also the shape of the phone has become fashionable, thin and light. Increasing human-computer interaction directly intimacy and also opening  up the journey of  touch screen to the mainstream control interface.

    Currently, the touch screen has become more and more widespread application, from plant equipment / operating system in industrial, public information check facilities, ATM, to consumer electronics, mobile phone, PDA, digital cameras can see the shadow of the touch screen. Of course, the most widely used mobile phone.

    Capacitive & resistive as mainstream 

    Based on the different ways of sensing, touch screen can be divided into resistive, capacitive, infrared type, ultrasonic type four categories. The resistive and capacitive as the most promising prospects in the market , other technologies is difficult to catch up with with in short term. Touch screen technology industry is still great room for improvement. 

    As mentioned above, many manufacturers begin to try and even the use of touch screen technology, so that the original cold operation of the instrument into fun communicate , As a university professor say : Although not yet reached the personalized use, at least can be extruded coffee time.

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