Dispensing & Filling Peristaltic Pump System - UTF01

Quick description
*Drive Model: UTF01
*Flow range: 2280ml/min/channel
*Speed range: 0.1-600 rpm(reversible)
*Max channels : 32 (Support customized)
*Remote control :optional
*Pump head optional : YZ1515x / Yz2515x / Tx315 / DG series
UTF01 peristaltic pump
UTF01 is a filling peristaltic pump independently developed by Chuangrui Pump. It consists of an intelligent filling system and the main controller. The standard drive unit is 4 channels (2 3 4 5 6 optional),
which can be expanded up to 32 channels. UTF01/YZ1515x can be adapted to 7 different tubes, which can fully meet customer application needs and provide more flow selection.UTF01 can be installed with multiple types
of pump heads and adapted to multi-specification tubes, which can fully meet customer application needs and provide more flow selection. Various functions, large screen display, touch screen operation, accurate flow,
make filling production more peace of mind. Multiple channels can be opened at the same time for liquid filling, or the filling value of each channel can be set individually for filling. Support customized solutions.

Product features

Filling system Main controller
Independent drive unit for easy mechanical matching Large screen touch (7 inch / 10 inch) simple and intelligent
Independent key setting address /fine-tune flow Manual touch screen /communication instruction, dual operation
Cascadable structure to 32 channels Arbitrary control of each channel start /stop, forward / reverse
Online / offline flexible dual working mode Arbitrar hannel simultaneousfilling or suck back
Support internal control / externalcontrol/communication control Supports simultaneous suck back function of all channels (angle / delay)
Single channel  No bottle No filling functiondrive Support customer parameter scheme saving and retrievalmatching
Fine adjustment / calibration during filling processmatching Provide scale adjustment / volume calibration function
Stable operation, strong anti-interference ability Provide online filling volume adjustment function
Fault alarm to ensure safe production Provide WiFi function (optional)
Stainless steel housing, sturdy, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean RS485 bus communication interface, easy external control 

Function Destription
Control Mode Offline Mode The filling operation is controlled by the main controller.
Online Mode Through the external signal, the start-up of filling operation and the stop filling function are realized. When it is used together with the filling machine, the filling machine provides the start signal to complete the synchronization of liquid filling and bottle moving of the filling machine, and the filling machine provides the bottle missing signal to complete the function of bottle missing and stop filling.
Filling Function Filling is an auxiliary process of filling, which can quickly fill the liquid into the pipeline, consistent with the direction of filling work.
Recovery Function Recovery is to quickly collect and recover the liquid in the pipeline from the outlet of the pipeline after filling, which is opposite to the direction of filling work. All channels can be carried out simultaneously or individually.
Back draw Function Effectively avoid liquid drop during shutdown. Contains two processes of suck-back delay and reverse running.
Back draw Delay The time between allocation completion and the start of the reversal.
Reverse Operation After the suck-back delay is over, the reverse rotation operation is started, and the reverse rotation angle is 0-1000 degrees.
Membrane button operation The membrane address can be used to set the channel address and adjust the filling liquid volume online.
LED display function LED display channel address or adjust liquid volume ratio online.
Touch function The touch screen operation controller controls the filling operation.
PC operation Host computer operation controller-adopts RS485 communication interface and supports ModbusRTU protocol. The host computer sends instructions to the filling unit controller to set controller parameters and control filling operations.
Wireless connections Optional WIFI module for wireless connection control.
Quantitative Filling Function The filling system execution unit can be fitted with a variety of pump heads and adapted to a variety of hose sizes. The controller sets the filling volume for quantitative filling.
Lack of bottle filling stop function Each channel has an independent bottle-out signal receiving terminal. When a bottle-out signal is received, the system will stop the filling operation of the channel.
Liquid calibration function It is used for accurate calibration of filling volume. Each channel can independently perform online scale adjustment, weighing calibration, and multiple weighing calibration.
Channel enable function You can set the enable or disable of each channel arbitrarily. The prohibited channels will not be filled.
Customer data storage function Filling series parameter settings can be saved as commonly used data, and the saved parameter scheme can be called as required.
Password protection function By setting a password, the system parameters set by the user are protected to prevent misoperation.

Flow range 2280ml/min
Speed range 0.1-600rpm
Filling accuracy <±2%
Control method: Touch screen main controller + upper and lower film buttons + wireless / external control
Display mode 7 inch / 10 inch industrial touch screen + four LED digital display
Key mode scale adjustment mode and address setting mode
Control mode offline mode, online mode
Applicable pump head DG series、YZ1515x、YZ2515x、TX315
Calibration method scale adjustment, volume calibration
Flow fine-tuning range 80%-120%
Customer data storage 20 groups
Outlet pressure 0.1-0.12MPa
Fuse rating 10
Maximum voltage fluctuation +/- 10% of nominal voltage Nominal voltage
Protection level IP31
Storage temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C (-13F to 149F)
Working humidity 20%-80%
Communication protocol ModbusRTU standard protocol
Wireless connection WiFi optional
Communication interface Rs485 bus, touch screen to set communication address, baud rate, parity, stop bit
Operating temperature 0 ° C to 40 ° C (32F to 104F)
Power supply: Controller - AC90-260v / 50 / 60Hz, single group system - AC180-260v / 50 / 60Hz
Power interface input-single-phase 220ACV power input terminal, output-single-phase 220ACV power cascade output terminal
Power 400W(single group filling unit-4 heads)
Motor 57 step motor
Motor voltage DC 48V
Power 400W(single group filling unit-4 heads)
Fuse rating 10
Maximum voltage fluctuation +/- 10% of nominal voltage Nominal voltage
Protection level  IP31
Operating temperature
0 ° C to 40 ° C (32F to 104F)
Storage temperature -25 ° C to 65 ° C (-13F to 149F)
Working humidity 20%-80%

Performance Index 

Filling volume 0.1ml-9999.99ml/time Display adjustment resolution: 0.01ml
Filling time 0.1s-9999.9s/time Display adjustment resolution: 0.1s
Filling times 0-9999time "0" is an infinite loop
Back suction speed 0-1000° Display adjustment resolution: 1°
Back suction delay 0-300rpm Display adjustment resolution: 1rpm
Interval time 0.5s-9999.9s/time Display adjustment resolution: 0.1s
Channels number channel / unit (standard),
23456 channel / unit (optional)
Scalable up to 32N4
Back suction delay 0s-60s Display adjustment resolution: 0.1s

Suitable pump head & Flow reference  (ml/min)
YZ1515x YZ2515x DG1~12(6) DG1~12(10) TX315
0.1-600rpm 0.1-600rpm 0.1-100rpm 0.1-100rpm 0.1-400rpm
Tube 13|14|19|16|25|17|18# 15# 24# 0.5*0.8,1*1,2*1,2.4*0.8,3*1 13|14|19|16|25|17|18#
UTF01 0.007-2280 0.17-1740 0.002~36 0.0015~27 0.008-2000
Filling system & Main controller · Specifications materials
Size Main controller-220x63x138 (mm) Single group system-760x250x210 (mm)
Shell material Main controller-304 stainless steel Single group system-760x250x210 (mm)
Weight Main controller-1.35KG Single group system-16.85KG

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