Which factors will cause the operation of peristaltic pump abnormal

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2019-12-12 13:17
When we use peristaltic pump, we will find that peristaltic pump in use for a period of time after a variety of problems will appear one way or another, today we will discuss the impact of peristaltic pump operating factors have what?
 Which factors will cause the operation of peristaltic pump abnormal
Q: what are the factors that affect the peristaltic pump?
A: peristaltic pump will run for a period of time after some problems, these are normal, as long as we pay attention to maintenance, can effectively avoid these small problems.The influencing factors are pressure, liquid property, pump head size, temperature and pump line.
Q: how do these factors play a role?
A: let's talk about how each factor affects:
The first is the impact of pressure, peristaltic pump is mainly in the atmospheric environment, if the liquid environment pressure is too large, on the accuracy and flow rate will have a significant impact;
Second, the nature of the liquid, in this mainly refers to the viscosity of the liquid, here we take an extreme example, if the viscosity of the liquid is too large, will cause the peristaltic pump roller idling, the viscosity of the liquid has a direct impact on the normal operation of the peristaltic pump;
Then let's talk about the size of the pump head. The larger the pump head is, the more liquid will be transferred. Therefore, we must choose the most suitable pump head according to our application scenario.
The fourth is to say that the temperature, the temperature is mainly affected by the motor, and then will affect our peristaltic pump;
Finally, there is the pump line. The pump line will wear out if it is used for a long time. In addition to these, if the number of the pump line is not suitable, it will also affect our peristaltic pump, making the accuracy of our product inaccurate.

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