Maintenance of peristaltic pump in laboratory

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2019-11-21 13:44
In order to ensure that laboratory peristaltic pump can achieve normal work effect, in addition to the daily supervision and protection, also need to prepare lab peristaltic pump maintenance, will be able to find some shortcomings, avoid the happening of the problem, make laboratory peristaltic pump can work normal, then we will say how to maintain the lab peristaltic pump.
The lubrication maintenance methods of peristaltic pump in laboratory are as follows:
· the side guide roller of the peristaltic pump should be regularly filled with oil gun from the nozzle to keep the side guide roller in a good lubrication state.Check the tightness of the side guide roller of the peristatic pump during oil injection. If it is too loose, tighten it with the sharp nose pliers. If abnormal sound is found in the side guide roller, it cannot be eliminated after adjusting the tightness.
, the side guide roller inner bearing wear should be considered, can be removed and replaced with a new bearing or side guide roller.
· the rotor and bearing of peristaltic pump are oiled once every six months.
· after the new reducer of peristaltic pump runs for a period of time, the oil in the oil tank will be drained and the oil will be re-added.

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