Strength shows charm, Chuangrui& the seventh session of BIO CHINA, a successful end!

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2019-09-30 11:38
BIO CHINA 2019 will be held at Shanghai new international exhibition center from September 24 to 26.As an old exhibitor, Chuangrui takes part in it, combines the extensive application and powerful function of peristaltic pump with fermentation production or experiment, and shows the new trend and new charm of peristaltic pump industry to visitors from all walks of life at home and abroad.

Exhibition of biological fermentation an annual one, can be said to be the global biological fermentation industry's annual "drama" - BIO CHINA 2019, the exhibition's product range is wide, the exhibition company, and our company also make full use of this platform, further develop the customer resources, expand the market influence, will be we strives for perfection the peristaltic pump product ideas spread, for more customers to provide safe and reliable fluid handling.

Peristaltic pump has the advantages of strong stability, good repeatability and high accuracy, and can transmit fluid with low shear force and high hygiene standards. It has a wide range of flow rates and a variety of applications. In the fermentation industry, peristaltic pump ACTS as the transmission of aseptic liquid, and can be widely used in supporting fermentation equipment, fermenting tank, medium feeding and other fields.
product recommendationn of chuangrui:
BT100LC  BT100MH  CM1000  CT1000  OEM201  OEM206  SG600LC  TH15pump head  ZS100

During the exhibition, the domestic and foreign trade team worked together to serve the market. Colleagues from domestic trade demonstrated the brand image and product strength of chuangrui on the BIO exhibition. Colleagues from foreign trade met with foreign businessmen and old customers actively to deepen the cooperative relationship.
Strength to show the charm, only do the optimal pump, we are always on the road!

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