Month reunion, Chuangrui peristalsis pump I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!

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2019-09-16 14:25
She's coming! She's coming!
Beautiful August 15 girl again!
Just ate five kernel moon cake a little bit sweet?
Isn't the new hairy crab fat enough?
The grapes in the doorway are not as sweet as those in the vegetable market.
Every little thing seems to be meaningless
But when so many unpleasant details are put together
In a bad mood!
Mid-Autumn festival, important moment, we have to be the master of details.
Of course, the details are often overlooked, but when the details are well done, a powerful energy can burst out.
For example, in the practical application of peristaltic pump, it seems that as long as the driver, pump head and pump pipe work together, accurate filling and high-precision transmission of peristaltic pump can be achieved, but it is not.
Here are some questions to test you:

Drug packaging, pharmaceutical hygiene how to ensure?
Complex operations, how to save workers time?
Cleaning difficulties, appearance design how to solve?
How to overcome the problem of hose suction bottom?
Sensitive fluid, how to adjust pump head structure?

Often drip leakage, often splash, easy to rust, easy to damage, hidden trouble, inconvenient, and so on, are a lot of manufacturers in the production of the regular meeting, a headache.
Therefore, you need a peristaltic pump manufacturer with independent development and production qualifications, who can solve problems with details and achieve safe & reliable fluid handling.

Say detail to see character, so a production and development type enterprise, what is the company's "character"?Yes, the same details!!
 About quality, the attitude of chuangrui has been very "tough", imported silicone hose, stainless steel shell, a variety of models of nozzle, independent research and development of new products, development of new procedures......Inside and out, large and small, material \ size \ weight \ parameters \ performance \ characteristics, go in front of customers' needs, think of what customers can think of, meet the needs of customers.
Brand good products, CR take you to see the details
Large accessories, software and hardware, only every exquisite can every outstanding, this is the charm of details, is also the secret of 12 years development.
It's another Mid-Autumn festival, another good day,Chuangrui all staff wish new and old friends - family happiness, money rolling in, health year after year!

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