Chuangrui peristaltic pump, walking on the road!This summer in August, met the enthusiasm of Pakistan!

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2019-09-04 11:13
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clock in Pakistan time: August 18 ~ for a week;
Wei wu, general manager of chuangrui, ella xu, general manager of international trade;
Invited by local dealers to visit well-known pharmaceutical and equipment factories,‘
In-depth understanding of peristaltic pump application environment, analysis of the market.
This trip is not so much a business activity as a meeting of old friends. Chuang rui has maintained friendly cooperative relations and friendship with its customers and dealers, especially old customers who have cooperated for many years.Regard the customer as a friend, become a friend with the customer, has been a kind of culture of Chuangrui, or say an unwritten sales service idea.
We gained a lot from our week-long fellowship trip to Pakistan.​
Chuangrui peristaltic pump, walking on the road!This summer
Accompanied by our Pakistani distributor partners, we visited local pharmaceutical factories and equipment factories to get to the front line and understand the specific demand points of the local market for peristaltic pump products.Purposefully conduct market analysis, and conduct product communication with dealers to prepare for more targeted products and services.
Of course, as friends, dealers also warmly take us to experience the local cuisine, scenery and customs.Let us have a further understanding of this warm country, friendly people, also deeply realize: sincerity and friendship without language restrictions and no national boundaries.
For customer service, dealer service, only continue to establish a sense of quality, enhance the sense of credibility, so that more international friends choose to believe in the chuangrui, identify chuangrui.
Therefore, from the perspective of customers, sincerely provide professional technical services and product services for customers, is the commitment of chuangrui to quality, but also our most basic responsibility to customers.But can become the mutual help friend with the customer, and on this foundation establishes the cooperation relations to be more stable more enduring.
After the unforgettable trip to Pakistan, we will come to an end. After increasing our mutual understanding, we are more confident to provide local customers with more professional and intimate transnational services together with dealers and inject higher standards and better quality peristaltic pump series products into the local market.
The unforgettable trip to Pakistan comes to an end. After increasing mutual understanding, we are more confident to provide more professional and intimate transnational service together with dealers for local customers and inject higher level and better quality peristatic pump series products into the local market.
The world is as big as it can go, and the future is as broad as it can see.National cause globalization, innovation and world travel, always on the road!
This year marks the 68th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Pakistan. You can see various signs of celebration on the streets of Pakistan from time to time. As China's only all-weather strategic cooperative partner, the traditional friendship between China and Pakistan has received support and response from the two peoples.In recent years, cultural exchanges have become more frequent and economic cooperation has deepened. As a national enterprise with profound cultural background, chuangrui is willing to go out to contribute to the economic interaction between the two countries, show the friendship of the Chinese people and contribute its own energy.

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