Chuangrui &DHL, based on letter and sincere cooperation, opens a new chapter in 2019!

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2019-08-29 15:10
Ji gang, general manager of Beijing and tianjin district of DHL group (sinotrans - DHL international air express co., LTD.) and his regional manager visited baoding chuangrui on August 27, 2019.Our company foreign trade department chief responsible person manager xu, wu wei general manager,Had a cordial meeting with the guests.
Since opening up overseas markets, chuangrui has cooperated with DHL in international transportation of foreign trade logistics for many years. In this meeting, both companies highly recognized the long-term stable cooperative relationship.On the basis of the original project, general manager ji gang paid attention to the international logistics problems encountered by our company at the current stage and solved them step by step.
Chuangrui &DHL, based on letter and sincere cooperation, opens a new chapter in 2019!
With the continuous development of the company, the customer base of chuangrui continues to increase, and the market scope is also expanding, but no matter it is product sales or business cooperation, chuangrui has always been in line with the principle of "mutual benefit" to link with various enterprises.As a service provider, we provide professional peristaltic pump services for the market and customers.As a partner, we carefully select each partner, in order to establish a stable and win-win cooperation situation as the fundamental goal, this is the chuangrui has been adhering to.
Chuangrui &DHL, based on letter and sincere cooperation, opens a new chapter in 2019!
In 2011, our company successfully launched the brand of "chuangrui peristaltic pump" into the international market. In recent years, under the strategic layout of vigorously expanding overseas market, chuangrui keeps blooming in a broader stage.At present, the company's products are sold at home and abroad, customers are widely distributed in the United States, Russia, Western Europe, eastern Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other more than 100 countries, domestic Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other national districts are all over the pace of innovation.
DHL, as a world-renowned postal logistics group, provides services that are in step with the development mode of chuangrui overseas market and mutually beneficial.Similarly, when we have customers all over the world, we need more powerful and influential partners to advance hand in hand with us to promote the global enterprise blueprint of chuangrui national cause.
Chuangrui &DHL, based on letter and sincere cooperation, opens a new chapter in 2019!
Chuangrui always believe that only the collision of strength and strength, can burst out the most gorgeous fireworks, also welcome more and more organizations and individuals to understand chuangrui, join chuangrui, we take the letter as the basis, to sincere cooperation, build a broad world together!

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