filling system, chuangrui filling nozzle new full set upgrade

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2019-08-29 14:55
Experimental results show that: in the process of peristatic pump fluid treatment, supporting the use of filling nozzle can effectively prevent the occurrence of floating tube, tube running, and other phenomena.,Then solve the gas back suction or container adsorption and other embarrassing problems, can not only ensure the stability of fluid filling, but also improve the accuracy of fluid transmission.
In order to improve the client's actual operating results, and constantly adapt to the diversification of peristaltic pump filling market demand, on the basis of the original filling nozzle design, we made a new upgrade, two (two groups) stainless steel professional filling nozzle online - flat mouth, Petaling, at the same time, from the perspective of the operating point, on the connector, interface, export, strives for perfection, for a series of changes has made the originality.
This new upgrade of the filling nozzle series, the material is 316 stainless steel, which has a strong corrosion resistance and rust resistance, durable, completely sanitary, in line with FDA and GMP production requirements;Moreover, it is equipped with a variety of size choices of two types of flat design petal design, which can be used with different hose equipment, providing an efficient solution channel for customers' diverse fluid requirements.。
filling system, chuangrui filling nozzle new full set upgrade
New product features
(1) model size, length to accept custom, wide flow bearing, can meet more filling needs;
(2) all 316 stainless steel tube body, not easy to rust, not easy to damage, health level, safety level high;
(3) pagoda joint: hose connection easier to operate, conducive to the joint position to deepen the reinforcement;
(4) screw interface: strong stability, convenient installation of different equipment;
(5) the outlet, flat design and petal design of different options, to meet the different needs of customers:
· flat mouth is more suitable for small batch single filling;
· petal mouth is more suitable for supporting use of the lift of filling equipment, and has certain anti-splashing and anti-foaming effects.
filling system, chuangrui filling nozzle new full set upgrade

The wide application of filling nozzle
Chuangrui's customer groups are all over the fields, peristatic pump - filling nozzle application is involved in all walks of life: including beverage soup and other food filling, capsule medicine filling, as well as daily chemical products, industrial products and other liquid packaging.The diameter model and length of nozzle can be customized with strong adaptability, which can be used in large bottle filling, small bottle filling, single bottle filling, multi-bottle filling and other filling forms.

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