Intelligent Dispensing peristaltic pum,All-new Integrated pump housing—— BT600FC

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2019-08-12 17:48
BT600FC,Intelligent Dispensing peristaltic pum,Integrated pump housing,The contact surface is seamless and complete,Front splash proof and dust proof,Make production safety more secure!
BT600FC Basic parameter

Flow|Speed 0.0015~2280ml/min 0.1~600rpm(reversible)
Control mode Touch screen control
Diaplay mode LCD screen-CHS&EN
Assign number 0~9999 times 0.1 sec~9999 min
Size|Weight 254*184*145(mm) | 4.8kg
Interval time 0.1sec~9999 min    
environment temperature 0~40℃,relative humidity<80%,
IP code IP31
External control RS48 Comunication(speed/start and stop/direction)
Data storage nine

BT600FC Product feature

1Touch control and key control, human-machine friendly;
2 large screen image display, intuitive control;
3. Flow calibration and accurate distribution;
4 power off memory, data storage;
5 durable, cost-effective;
6 pump head can be changed, multiple types can be selected;
7 support PC software customization.

Intelligent Dispensing peristaltic pum,All-new Integrated pump housing—— BT600FC

BT600FC four key words

Stainless steel - stainless steel pump body material
· wear resistance, corrosion resistance, clean and sanitary, suitable for all kinds of routine production environment;
· anti-oxidation, no rust, no scale, easy to clean and maintain in later stage;
· the shell is strong in material, anti-impact and anti-scratch, with long service life.

 Integrated pump housing - whole package design
· front anti-splash, interface dustproof, multi-surface anti-scratch, providing contact protection;
· vertical dripping and condensation dripping have no impact or harm on the use of peristaltic pump;
· integrated structure, no unnecessary seams, tight and firm, not easy to damage.

Half a seal
·Horizontal control panel (touch screen + key operation), no knob, no keyboard concave and convex
·Horizontal control panel (touch screen + key operation), no knob, no keyboard concave and convex, pump body front end sealing is good;
·ulti-dimensional protection against liquid splashing, making production safer and more secure!

More beautiful
Shell adopts streamlined overall design, comfortable touch, simple and generous more beautiful
Chuang rui peristaltic pump can easily deal with the following problems:
Difficult to clean: improper operation, difficult to clean liquid splashing, affecting production efficiency
Multiple faults: the application environment is prone to condensation of water dripping, immersed in the pump, prone to failure
Easy to rust: the shell is easy to rust, affecting the appearance, the workshop health level is not up to standard
Safety hazards: | drop splash protection performance is excellent to ensure production safety
Packaging production, liquid packaging, food and beverage filling, intermediate/small flow liquid high-precision transmission


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