Chuangrui syringe pump——an ideal high-precision, low-flow liquid transfer device.

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2019-08-02 19:36
At Chuangrui,The various operating modes of the syringe pump ZS100 make it adaptable to the needs of a wide range of applications in different fields. It has a very high control precision and a wide range of line speeds, making it an ideal high-precision, low-flow liquid transfer device.
Chuangrui syringe pump——an ideal high-precision, low-flow liquid transfer device.
Chuangrui syringe pump

ZS100 basic paramete

Working mode:Flow range:0.0001μl/min-82.613ml/min
Syringe Size:10μl ~60ml
Channel number: 1~4 channels are available
Speed control mode:touch scree + membrane keypad
Display mode:4.3inch LCD display
Working mode:Injection, extraction, injection then extraction, extraction then injection.
Application:Chromatographic analysis; Medical sampling; Pharmaceutical machinery supporting.
Chuangrui syringe pump

ZS100 function characteristic

High precision touch screen laboratory medical syringe pump,a variety of syringe options can be supported to meet the flow requirements of different experiments, with high flow accuracy and equipped with protection mechanism and alarm mechanism.
·Built-in RS - 485 communication, supporting the Modbus agreements, wide range power input, adapt to various occasions.
·Many instruction light confirm working condition accurately.
·Liquid calibration function: to obtain more accurate flow rate.
·Power-down memory function.
·Suitable for a variety of standard syringes, support custom syringes.
·Support continuous liquid transfer, with excellent flow control performance.
Chuangrui syringe pump application case:

1、Syringe pump -- In laboratory to study how bacteria behave in fluid flow.
connect the syringes to a microfluidic chip that contains bacteria and we then apply controlled flow of fluid with the ZS100

2、syringe pump for electrospinning.

The system adopts PLC as the controller, and combines the man-machine interface to adjust the syringe pump, the receiver and the high-voltage power supply to realize the control of the electrospinning process.

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