Peristaltic pump can be used in what industries? Chuang Rui, give you the answer with practical application!

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2019-07-25 17:31

CR peristaltic pump can be widely used in chemical industry;Mining and metallurgy industries;Paper industry;Paint and coatings industry;Food industry;Ceramic industry;The oil industry;Water treatment industry;Pharmaceutical industry;Medical device industry, etc

In the production and research and development of peristaltic pump and its related accessories, CR has always been dedicated and professional, providing customers with safe and reliable precision control and solution for fluid processing!
Those who know peristaltic pump know that its application has strong universality and adaptability. In multiple fields and industries, the supporting application of peristaltic pump can be seen directly or indirectly.
Of course, peristaltic pump is not a popular product, and it can be said that many manufacturers and institutions do not know much about peristaltic pump, a fluid fine control equipment, or even completely unfamiliar, which, to a certain extent, results in the missed opportunities for the improvement of labor efficiency and industrial production.
With the effective confirmation of customer cases, CR believes that the sanitary, safe, efficient and accurate peristaltic pump has achieved remarkable application effects in the liquid treatment of transmission/packaging/injection/drip/flushing, both for the whole industry and for individual manufacturers.
What CR needs to do is not only to solve the application needs for customers, but also to guide customers to discover the application needs.
For more than ten years, we are committed to the production, research and development of quality peristaltic pump series products, at the same time, there is the application of peristaltic pump propaganda and practical guidance, in order to let more people understand peristaltic pump, use peristaltic pump, and in practical cases, because of the use of peristaltic pump benefit.

Water treatment
Peristaltic pump is used by supporting companies in the water treatment industry to complete the sampling/liquid delivery/discharge work, making full use of the advantages of peristaltic pump, such as easy cleaning, small size, low cost and easy to carry, and perfectly combining with water treatment equipment.The original imported hose can be used in combination with various media, reducing hose wear and maintenance cost.

Food and beverage
Food industry widely used: food filling machinery supporting - Chuang Rui OEM peristaltic pump, using quantitative peristaltic pump to add ingredients;Automatic food packaging machine;Disinfection of food production.Product hose with FDA certification, safe and sanitary smell, in line with the food industry application requirements.


The experimental research
University laboratories are used for test experiments, and production companies conduct small test production experiments, etc., with low shear force and high corrosion resistance, it can handle the transmission of active biological fluid and corrosive fluid, ensuring the safety and accuracy of the experiment.

Medical and pharmaceutical
CR pump is used by pharmaceutical enterprises to produce sub-packaging and capsule preparation. The automatic quantitative function of peristaltic pump fully meets the production needs of small enterprises. Large enterprises can use the filling system for mass production, and the cost is much lower than the large-scale production equipment in the market at the same time.In the clinical treatment performance is also commendable.

Industrial production
The main use of large flow peristaltic pump for mass production, and the central control system for supporting the operation.In chemical industry, mining, paint, ceramics and other production fields, have excellent performance.The external control communication function of peristaltic pump provides the possibility for the centralized and convenient production in large workshop.

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