New product pre-release seminar successfully held, chuangrui "filling system" Plus new experience version, will be launched soon!

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2019-07-25 17:11

On July 23, chuangrui company held a pre-release seminar for the new product filling system to be launched. The internal and external trade team, on behalf of the "demand market", attended the meeting to study and discuss the specific upgrade details of new product filling.

The person in charge of new product research and development explained and demonstrated in detail the development and innovation points of the latest "filling system" at the meeting, and discussed with the present personnel in a question-and-answer manner.

In the seminar on new products, r&d personnel and marketing personnel directly connect, so that the latest "filling system" upgrade at all levels can directly face the market, and then based on customer application needs and practical operation, put forward ideas to communicate with each other.

CHuang Rui listed for each new product, have to undergo such a process that collect first-hand information of market researchers, fully analyze the market demand and make corresponding change, let every new product on sale, has been in to adapt to the market, lead the market, over time, has formed the "CHuang Rui product only the high-quality goods" of product culture.

On the same day, general manager wu came to the meeting and affirmed the comprehensive upgrade of the new "filling system", and pointed out the focus and direction of the new product research and development. What we need to do is to bring more and better perivertic pump products to the industry and customers.

People who know about filling know that the importance of intelligent filling system in multi-channel batch transmission cannot be ignored, no matter in batch packaging or quantitative packaging, filling system is widely used.
This "filling system" Plus new experience version of the successful development, from the performance optimization, filling unit, operation interface and appearance design will be upgraded one by one, at that time, better operation experience and higher filling performance will be formally displayed in front of you.Create sharp on the new, please look forward to!

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