What are the types of peristaltic pumps? How to choose suitable peristaltic pump?

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2019-07-17 14:37

Peristaltic pump, also known as constant current pump or hose pump, is a new type of industrial pump widely used in various industries for fluid transport, almost can work in any fluid processing link.
Some viscosity (such as: glue, tomato paste, hair conditioner, paint, etc.), sensitivity (cell culture liquid, living bacteria liquid, etc.), strong corrosion (chemical experiments, industrial production liquid, etc.) and contains a certain amount of granular medium transport, can be completed by peristaltic pump.
Peristaltic pump classification, generally according to the use of demand to divide, mainly can be divided into speed regulating type, flow type, distribution type and customized (OEM) peristaltic pump.
A. Speed regulation type: basic control, display speed, speed regulation, Fill and empty, power off memory, external control input, etc
B. Flow type: basic control, flow display, flow correction, communication function, etc
C. Distribution: basic control, flow display, flow correction, liquid distribution, output control, communication function, etc
D. Customized: with different flow range of pump head as the benchmark, customers according to their own equipment requirements, design different driving circuit, supporting use.

Of course, when we buy peristaltic pump, we can also choose according to the use demand:
1. Determine the demand range of flow velocity
3. Whether there is timing and quantitative demand during transmission
4. Whether the working environment has explosion protection requirements
5.Whether there is anti-corrosion requirement
6. Whether there are customized requirements in practical application
7. Whether there is a requirement for hygienic grade in operation
8.Whether there is a need for remote control
9. Whether there is a high precision requirement
10. Psychological expectation of demand and price
The product classification of chuangrui peristaltic pump depends on the needs, and can be divided into the following categories
In addition, when buying chuangrui peristaltic pump, you can enjoy a lot of convenience, can directly communicate with customer service one on one, to provide you with the best solution, from the solution to the practice step by step, buy worry-free, worry-free operation, worry-free after-sales.Quality products, quality services, so that the choice of more assured and more secure!
With the continuous integration of electronic technology, peristaltic pump is gradually moving towards the era of digital intelligence and automatic external control, especially in the design advantages of fluid quantitative transportation and timing dispensing. The selection of the most suitable peristaltic pump product can directly liberate labor, improve work efficiency and product yield.

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