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2019-07-11 13:28

Chuangrui pump industry co., LTD. Is an enterprise system of high and new technology enterprises, since 2006 development, iIn-depth study of product innovation and product quality, do conscience enterprise, do conscience service, has provided quality fluid transfer services for thousands of new and old users.Chuangrui always pays attention to the application details, starts to improve the details, only to do fine accessories, so that each accessory in the operation can be coruscated with the greatest practical value.
The company mainly engaged in peristaltic pump research and development, production, sales;Development, production and sales of stepper motor/driver/controller for fluid precision control.To undertake all kinds of intelligent fluid control system design, transformation, debugging and technical consulting.
In order to improve users' experience of peristalsis and facilitate operation, chuangrui accessories continue to produce new products!
Filling support series


Filling handle

·Weight of 0.26 kg;Aluminum alloy;
·Fit 17# -- 82# filling needle;
·Light and strong, durable anti-fall;
·The outer color is pure black, the atmosphere is resistant to dirty;
·Self-locking function, Button control start and stop;
·External wiring, external control, convenient and fast;
·Easy to operate, mobile operation;
The pump head joint

·KZ50joint,316material ,92# Optional joint
·DN25joint, 316material ,92#Optional joint
KZ50 Anchor bolt

·Stainless steel;Stable and reliable support;
·Can be adjusted in a small range (5mm);
·Surface knurling design, not slip when adjusting;
Various DN25 clamp\ chuck washer accessories

·316 material, corrosion resistance;
·Convenient to take over, easy to disassemble;
·The surface is easy to clean;
·Suitable for chemical industry;
·Standardized specifications, specifications series complete;
Tech Craft,Prolonged carve,just for better pump.Chuangrui series of products/accessories continue to innovate......
In chuangrui, we have a professional technical team with high level in machinery, electronics, computer software and other aspects;
In chuang rui, ARM, DSP, FPGA, CPLD and other technologies have been applied in research and development to ensure the comprehensive performance of products.

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