Chuangrui peristaltic pump operation matters needing attention

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2019-07-04 18:42

Peristaltic pump by virtue of its powerful practical advantages (simple operation and maintenance, self-priming, high safety and high precision), can meet the needs of filling and conveying various fluids, and provide favorable supporting services for industrial pharmaceutical, laboratory and other production and research activities.
Chuangrui peristaltic pump is simple to operate, but powerful, and can be widely used in a variety of fields and industries. However, in practical operation, some details need to be paid attention to are often ignored. In order to ensure the smooth development of peristaltic pump work and efficiency transformation, the following points should be noted:

Before fluid filling or distribution, it is necessary to select appropriate pump head and hose to ensure smooth and efficient operation of peristaltic pump;
The installation height of the pump can be located above the plane of the material body, but the suction distance should not be too high. The limit value can refer to the specific peristaltic pump parameters.
High viscosity, more particles, easy deposition of the case, the pump is generally installed under the liquid;
The working environment of peristaltic pump has certain restrictions on temperature and humidity. Generally, the maximum humidity shall not exceed 40℃ and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80%.
Just start operation, peristaltic pump speed gradually accelerated, carefully change the direction of operation, in case of circuit danger and gear failure;
If the pump is in non-working state for a long time, the hose should be loosened to avoid deformation of the pump pipe caused by long time extrusion. When working, the roller surface should be kept clean and dry to prevent the hose from wearing and reducing the service life.
The negative pressure and liquid suction of peristaltic pump are generated by the pump pipe's own elasticity. In practical application, the hose is a high-frequency and repeatedly worn part, which needs regular inspection and replacement.
Pressure gauge can be installed at pump outlet for real-time monitoring of operation.
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