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2019-06-28 18:05

In June, our foreign trade team went to the Crocus Expo in Moscow for the Ros Upack exhibition.
Due to the progress of science and society, the hygienic standards of food, medicine and beverage are becoming higher and higher.With the continuous innovation and deepening of peristaltic pump market, more and more high-quality brands have provided great convenience for the production/packaging of food and drugs.

In the transportation and packaging links of production, CR peristperitic pumps are supported by mechanical automation, which can not only shorten the construction time, improve the quality of work and thus shorten the production cycle, but also nearly eliminate CIP and SIP and reduce the risk of pollution.

In June, our foreign trade team went to the Crocus Expo in Moscow for the Ros Upack exhibition.At the same time, we will pay a return visit to local old customers to understand the subsequent use of the products, so that professional after-sales service can be reflected in the action abroad. It can be said that chuangrui people have been on the road, laying a foundation for the deepening of CR peristaltic pump service and product optimization.

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Flow: : 0.0015-2280ml/min
Flow: 1.3-12000ml/min

Application case

Printing oil filling
Max flow: 2280ml/min

Bottle filling
Max flow:  4L/min

Filling system matching
Max flow: : 2280ml/min

Filling of aquatic products
Max flow: : 12L/min

Peristaltic pump application of the wide we have seen, in addition to the above cases, in the packaging of liquid transmission;Packaging machine supporting, aquatic vacuum packaging supporting, liquid packaging production line supporting;Ketchup filling, glycerine filling, aquatic products filling, drug beverage filling;Production/packaging scenarios such as vaccine injection can be seen in the work of the peristaltic pump.

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