Russian customers come from afar to visit the Chuangrui peristaltic

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2019-06-28 17:55

pumpAfter the Ros Upack exhibition,Russian customers come to baoding chuangrui headquarters for further communication and visit, feel chuangrui culture, feel craftsmanship production, get international friends, especially loyal customers high evaluation, is definitely the power!

A sharp since explore overseas markets, strength steadily increasing root domestic, international market full flowering, in order to create more professional and more high-quality peristaltic pump products, we choose to go abroad, a sharp team learning footprint across India, Pakistan and, South Korea, Bangladesh, Spain, Russia, and many other countries, to understand customer needs, with the apex company do linear docking, for building safe & reliable peristaltic pump with high quality products!

CR peristaltic pump advantages:

1. Clean and pollution-free
Fluid transportation only contact peristaltic pump hose, the use of pump pipe in line with FDA certification standards, and does not contain any toxic or harmful substances, can meet the food and drug hygiene standards, at the same time, hose replacement, disinfection convenient, can be used for a variety of disinfection methods;

2. High efficiency and high precision
Mechanical replacement of human labor, high-precision operation, continuous work, improve the yield, shorten the production cycle;

3. Two-way transmission
Simply change the direction of the roller running, can achieve reverse suction function, change the direction of pumping;

4. Simple maintenance
Only need to replace the peristaltic pump hose, no need to replace the valve and seal, simple and reliable structure, in addition to the replacement of pump pipe, normal use without special maintenance needs.

5. Intelligent filling
Support OEM customization, according to the actual production situation, the specialist to provide the best solution;

6. Wide application
Food, drug production, laboratory/school applications, chemical applications, packaging machinery and other fields, multi-model, multi-flow range is optional.

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