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2019-06-21 17:34

On June 18th, the 19th world exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials China (CPHI) was held in Shanghai.

The use of peristaltic pumps is no stranger to the medical industry, especially in the production process, peristaltic pumps are widely used in filling machinery and equipment, mainly in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries with high requirements for health level, and can also transport and treat liquids with particles or large viscosity.

Peristaltic pump is accurate, efficient and sanitary, which can be said to be a powerful promotion for the safe and effective production of pharmaceutical filling.
With the steady growth of global pharmaceutical market demand, China has grown from a big pharmaceutical country to a strong pharmaceutical country. In 2018, the export of API products alone has exceeded us $30 billion, and the export of API products in China continues to grow.s

In recent years, the infinite potential of pharmaceutical raw material industry has undoubtedly driven the strong momentum of upstream and downstream suppliers. In the packaging and treatment of pharmaceutical fluid, the supporting use of peristaltic pump is the most recognized production mode in the industry.

This exhibition, ChuangRui team brings the most representative of peristaltic pump products brought to the CPHI scene: ZS100 BT100MH/FB600 / CT1000 / GS600
The reference products include five categories: basic type, injection type, explosion-proof type, filling system type and intelligent flow type, in order to provide customers with a full range of fluid processing, the best effective solution.
Main applications: filling equipment and pharmaceutical industry


The 19th world exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials in China ended on 20th this month, and the team of chuangrui successfully concluded after three days, which demonstrated the strength of chuangrui brand for the visitors on site and laid a solid foundation for in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

Chuang rui peristaltic pump is widely used, can be used in bottles of penicillin, ampoules and other liquid medicine cans;Coating machine, granulator, dryer and other supporting use;Classification of medium;See use of riot vehicles, laboratory use, chemical synthesis, etc.

"Tech Craft,Prolonged carve,just for better pump.", is ChuangRui always stick to the business philosophy, to create high-quality national medal of peristaltic pump enterprises, relying on its wide usability and practicability of operation, constantly satisfy the real application in the field of various industries, the escort for the general customers the benefit of safety production,

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