Peristaltic pump can be used in production field instead of many special pumps

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2019-05-31 16:36

Peristaltic pump, as an ideal choice for fluid transmission in various fields, has strong working advantages, safety, reliability, sanitation and efficiency, which can be called as the best adjective for peristaltic pump used in equipment matching.

In the past, peristaltic pumps were mostly used for laboratory research, but after constant redesign and improvement, the flow rate and pressure have been improved. Now, a large number of peristaltic pumps have been used in chemical process control and production fields of many industries.
Peristaltic pump design USES different specifications of motor drive roller rotation.Rollers roll over the soft pump tube, repeatedly squeezing and releasing it. This squeezing creates a vacuum that sucks fluid in and flows through the pump tube, completing the pumping process.Since only the pump pipe is a contact part, the maintenance and cleaning of the pump is very simple and convenient.

It is precisely because of such a design principle that peristaltic pump can be adapted to various applications in complex environments. Time advantage, efficiency advantage and precision advantage also begin to appear:
The design configuration of peristaltic pump can make the fluid flow in the pump pipe all the time.This is important for two reasons: first, the fluid does not contaminate the pump;Second, the pump will not pollute the fluid.This is advantageous when delivering chemically etched or highly purified fluids.Since fluids do not touch gears, sealing elements, diaphragm elements, or other moving parts, it is easy to select a pump that is chemically compatible with a particular solution, simply by selecting a pump line that is chemically compatible with that solution.
Because only the pump pipe is the water passing part, there is no need to worry about the corrosion, wear and tear of other parts.So in the transport of abrasive fluid, peristaltic pump is the ideal solution.Other types of pumps in the delivery of such fluid parts are prone to wear and tear, leading to frequent replacement of the above components, increasing the risk of component failure.

Peristaltic pumps have become an attractive alternative to conventional pumps whose production process is time-consuming and laborious.
Because only the pump pipe is the contact part, the peristaltic pump will not suffer from the common wear and tear of moving parts of other pumps.This can avoid the cost caused by frequent replacement of relevant parts, the labor required for maintenance and repair, and the costly downtime caused by component failure.
At the same time, the peristaltic pump gently pumps the fluid through a gentle squeezing action, without any mechanical grinding or shearing of the fluid with gears, valves or other components, leaving the solid components of the fluid, such as cell walls and particles, intact.
Therefore, peristaltic pump is especially suitable for conveying sensitive fluid, slurry or suspended solid.In addition, the moving parts are separated from the fluid to avoid the abrasion caused by the fluid.

Peristaltic pump can also transfer a variety of fluid.In addition to having sufficient self-absorption, the resulting vacuum suction is sufficient to pump most viscous fluids.Many viscous fluids that are difficult to pump with other types of pumps are not a problem with peristaltic pumps.
The same pump can pump different solutions simply by changing the pump tube.The same pump can be used for a variety of purposes without the need to buy many types of pump.In addition, compared with other pumps, peristaltic pumps can cost less labor and lower maintenance costs.It also reduces the total usage cost while expanding the application field.

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