Choose the right peristaltic pump to boost the production.

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2019-05-31 16:16

Choosing a suitable peristaltic pump can not only greatly improve the production efficiency, but also supplement the safe and reliable production environment.
At the same time in the field of experimental research, also plays a very important role, accurate and stable performance, is the best alternative to manual feeding.
Then, how to choose a suitable peristaltic pump products?

Choose the right peristaltic pump to boost the production.

1. What is a peristaltic pump?
The peristaltic pump is a product d
eveloped for the precise and pollution-free transport of liquids. It originated in the United States and was used in the medical industry. A peristaltic pump, also known as a rotor pump or a hose pump, is a principle that causes a pulsation through a rotor squeeze hose inside the pump head to promote fluid flow.
2, the application range of peristaltic pumps (not limited to the following industries):
Peristaltic pumps are widely used in laboratories and scientific research institutions; chemical industry; construction industry; mining, metallurgy industry; paper industry; paint and coating industry; food and beverage industry; ceramic industry; water treatment industry; biopharmaceutical industry; agricultural hydroponics industry; Equipment industry; industrial washing machine matching; packaging machinery industry, etc.
3,Practical application case:
Research laboratory to do drop experiment, organic liquid timing quantitative transmission
Pharmaceutical industry : Pharmaceutical factory Filling machine / Dry granulation / Coating machine / Fermenter / Centrifuge, etc. Diagnostic reagent dispensing
Food industry: filling machine coffee machine vending machine matching
Cosmetics Industry: Perfume Essential Oils Lotion/Mask Mask Filling with nail polish.
Construction industry: quantitative addition of water-based additives such as cement foaming agent/cement grinding aid/water reducing agent, small batch cement mortar transportation
Ceramic Industry Ceramic Ingredients / Slurry Transfer
Environmental protection: Flue gas analysis Water quality monitoring Environmental public toilets COD/BOD/EOD
Analytical Instruments: Atomic Fluorescence Ion Chromatography Liquid Chromatography Biochemical Analyzer
Packaging, protection: palm machine, glass fiber antistatic agent, lead wire oiling, mechanical parts oiling, rotor drop paint, dispensing pump
Mining and Metallurgy : Precious Metal Flotation Non-Ferrous Metal Concentrator, Metallurgy, Quantitative Additives Gem Cutting Fluid Quantitative Addition Polishing Fluid Delivery
Chemical synthesis: Glass reactor additive dosing Electroplating dosing PH value control
Medical: Intestinal cleaning (endoscope matching) Washing machine matching Liposuction surgery (for swelling anesthesia)
Cleaning: Washing machine Dishwasher (delivering detergent, etc.) Swimming pool, chlorine, etc.
Agriculture: Quantitative Feeding of Feed Additives
peristaltic pump flow range: 0.00015-350000 ml / min
the function of the peristaltic pump: constant current transmission / quantitative filling / timing transmission / quantitative transmission, etc.
4,how to choose a suitable peristaltic pump, first need to confirm the following problems:
a, What is your application industry? Constant current transmission or quantitative filling?
b, what is your traffic requirement? Ml/min (If it is an additive or a variety of additives, please let me know, the total amount of addition and the time of addition. If the bottle is filled, please tell the bottle capacity and how much you want to fill in a minute)
c. What liquid are you transferring or filling? Is the liquid corrosive? Can liquid flow like water?
To confirm these questions, you can call +86 312 5909528 ,directly to recommend the products and solutions for your application.
We are committed to tailoring solutions for our customers.From laboratory micro-flow peristaltic pumps to industrial production of high-flow peristaltic pumps,From the overall supporting plan to the equipment supporting plan,Chuangrui peristaltic pump has always been committed to providing customers with safe and reliable service solutions.


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