Peristaltic pump constant flow pump dosing and dosing pump dosing contrast

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2018-01-21 14:17
Peristaltic pumps and metering pumps are often used in some dosing systems, such as swimming pool adrenalin, tap water, chlorine and so on. Metering pump points common diaphragm metering pump, plunger metering pump, peristaltic pump constant current pump is also divided into high pressure peristaltic pump and low pressure peristaltic pump. Two different types of pumps in the dosing application has its own characteristics and differences, as follows:
1. Peristaltic pump fluid only contact with the pump tube, unlike the plunger pump and metering pump, the pump has dead ends, easy to residual liquid in the pump.
2. Conventional peristaltic pump discharge pressure within 0.2MPa, high pressure peristaltic pump is relatively rare, the maximum pressure can reach 0.6MPa.
3. Metering pump can not transport fluid containing solid impurities, solid particles containing no more than 30% diameter pipe peristaltic pump can be transported.
Peristaltic pump relative to the accuracy of the metering pump to be slightly better, peristaltic pump accuracy of up to 1%.
5. Metering pump maintenance is relatively troublesome, the replacement of seals and diaphragm is too much trouble, peristaltic pump replacement hose is very convenient.
6. From the price point of speaking, the metering pump easier to do more flow and pressure, the price is cheaper. Peristaltic pumps typically provide better replacement of metering pumps at and around 10L per hour. peristaltic pump price with higher flow rates are more costly.
7. Transfusion liquid traits speaking, peristaltic pump can deliver higher viscosity liquid, of course, the efficiency will decline.
Relatively speaking, in the dosing project application metering pump will be more widely applicable, peristaltic pump is more like a special pump type, more is not enough metering pump process conditions, people will think of Peristaltic pump.

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