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2018-01-05 13:45
Peristaltic pump price wholesale is customer's favorite,because of the lower prices. if the customer communication is better, the customer is also more satisfied with the sample. Later, customers generally buy peristaltic pumps in bulk, one is the recognition of product quality and service quality, the most important is that large quantities of the purchase will get a lower price.
Customers value several product features: price, quality, operation.The price is a big part of the price, and anyone wants a cheap product.Baoding Chuang Rui Pump Co., Ltd. in order to meet customer demand, the conventional peristaltic pumps products are set wholesale prices.Lower prices, reliable quality, excellent service is the advantage of chuang rui peristaltic pump.
Peristaltic pump price
The BT100FJ is one of the regular peristaltic pumps. It has a wholesale price.Although it has a lower price, it has excellent performance.
This product can be installed by YZ1515x, YZ2515x, DG series pump heads.etc..
*With both-way large torque, low power motor. It can be connected with several pump heads to satisfy the different demands of flow rates.
*FULL SPEED button available for filling in & emptying out the tubing.
*Has RS485 communication interface, supports MODBUS communication protocol. And communication protocols customized is available.
*Memory function available in case of power off and it will continue the work once the power was restarted.
*Long-range control is available through the DB15 interface of the drive: speed control, start-stop control, direction control.
*Good cost performance.

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