Battery powered cased pump for sale

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2018-01-03 11:51
We have high quality battery powered cased pump for sale.Due to the requirements of the place of use, the volume of the peristaltic pump is as small as possible. In some places, there is no access to the power supply. At this time, the mobile power supply is needed and the battery powered peristaltic pump emerges as the times require.
Battery Voltage Peristaltic Pump For Grease Traps
32 doses each capable of being set for either individual days and times, individual times every day of the week (all) or off.
Dose setting in ml (can be individually calibrated by user if required).
Security lock feature which disables dose setting changes without button press code.
Pump prime feature.
High efficiency motor for extended battery life.
Battery powered cased pump for sale
Auto display shut down to conserve battery.
Battery state indication.
Battery back up to maintain time whilst main battery is changed (program settings maintained even if all power removed).
Approx 100ml/min pump output when using 6mm ID pump tube.
disp3000 can use the power supply, you can also use the battery-powered, bidirectional power can make disp3000 suitable for a variety of occasions.
Mains (110 or 220v) or battery operation.
• 24 hr or 7 day timing functions.
• 32 programmable dose times.
• Standard WP300 series mini peristaltic pump head.
• Dose set in ml.
• Individual doses up to 999ml.
• Calibrate function.
• Battery back up.
• Battery voltage drop compensation for stable pump output.
• Low battery indication.
• 16 Character blue back lit led display.
• Settings pass code protected.
• Wall mounting.
• IP 55.
• Small footprint.
• Optional external input & output.
• Optional customer branding.

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