Peristaltic pump hose product details and material introduction

2017-12-27 15:44
Small peristaltic pump  is based on the peristaltic pump power and transport of different materials, the use of different properties of silicone made of soft tube. General domestic peristaltic pump silicone tube in two forms: one is a white silicone tube, soft, transparent, smooth, low protein adhesion, low protein penetration, suitable for pharmaceutical and biological fields, and the other is silica gel Tubes, whose properties are soft, slightly transparent, smooth interior, economical and long-lived, may require the delivery of fluids of a particular nature such as corrosiveness. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. Has a certain flexibility, that the radial compression of the hose can quickly recover the shape; 2. Has a certain degree of wear resistance, toughness, good tear resistance; 3. Gas tight, ; 4 low adsorption, good temperature resistance, not easy to aging, no swelling, corrosion resistance, low precipitation.

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