Filling peristaltic pump China

Keywords: Filling peristaltic pump China
2017-12-18 15:59
As we all know, the the basic function of peristaltic pump is transmission and filling.Relatively speaking, the filling function more powerful.In general, the smaller the fill flow, the higher the accuracy requirement.
Filling peristaltic pump China       
BTFC series filling peristaltic pump China is Baoding Peristaltic Pump Co., Ltd. developed a product for liquid filling.This filling peristaltic pump with touch screen, easier and more flexible operation. Its filling accuracy is also particularly high.BTFC series filled peristaltic pump can fill a variety of liquids, the basic program is based on filling water, if it is filled with water more viscous, more density of the liquid calibration by calibration to maintain the accuracy of filling.
  Filling peristaltic pump China     
Some accessories can help filling peristaltic pump with a constant precision filling accuracy: filling needles, check valves, brackets and more.
Through our actual test, BTFC series filled peristaltic pump has good effect on various liquids such as filling water, electronic cigarette oil, glycerin, edible oil and so on.
Filling peristaltic pump China    
Because BTFC series pump head with the flow rate can reach 2280ml / min / per channel, if you want to fill more liquid, you can choose other FC series, SG600FC, LG350FC and so on.

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