Peristaltic pump head composition introduced

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2017-11-22 13:49

Peristaltic pump by the drive, pump head and hose composed of three parts. Peristaltic pumps, with their fluid isolated in the pump tube, rapid exchange of pump tubing, reversible fluid flow, dry running and low maintenance costs make it a major competitive advantage and are widely used in the chemical industry, mining, metallurgy Industry, paper industry and other industries. Today briefly introduce peristaltic pump head.
Pump head mainly by the pump head body, cards, rollers out of the shaft, hoses, end caps composition, you can work simultaneously multi-channel, single-channel can also work alone, take the card easy, card gap can be adjusted. Suitable for all industries of small flow pumping. Pump head with hose for the silicone rubber material, impatience and strong corrosion, the use of pumping strong corrosion, organic solvents, etc., the hose is very easy to install, tap the card station card will bounce, interception required Of the hose, the pressure block into the need to do two fixed points, installed after the card into the pump body can be

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