Peristaltic Pumps Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Peristaltic Pumps Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The principle of peristaltic pump: the use of rotating wheel rolling with a flexible hose, the hose in the fluid with the rotation of the wheel to move, as with two fingers squeeze the same hose, as the fingers move, liquid Then flow.

The principle of peristaltic pump: the use of rotating wheel rolling with a flexible hose, the hose in the fluid with the rotation of the wheel to move, as with two fingers squeeze the same hose, as the fingers move, liquid Then flow. Our pump inside with a runner and briquettes to form the same squeeze effect as the fingers.
Advantages of peristaltic pump: high clean and no pollution: liquid only contact hose, easy to clean, replace the hose just a few seconds. High efficiency and low energy consumption: self-priming, one-way valve capability High precision: packing and reproduction accuracy can reach 1% ~ 0.5%. Low shear: pumpable shear sensitive liquid and organic solvent, transportable solid solution. Low maintenance: fast plug, no valves and seals, hose is the only consumable flow rate and flow: peristaltic pump can reach how much flow range? Low flow can reach 0.001ml / min to 35L / min. Large hose pump can reach 50 cubic / H peristaltic pump delivery accuracy can be achieved? Peristaltic pump delivery and reproducibility accuracy can reach ± ​​1 ~ 0.5% fluid viscosity on the transmission process have any effect? All fluid deliveries are measured based on water at 20 ° C. An increase in fluid viscosity will result in a low flow rate. What is the effect of fluid specific gravity on transport? All fluid deliveries are measured based on water at a specific gravity of 20 ° C. If the proportion increases, then the flow rate and flow to be divided by the proportion. Pump head: how much can the maximum pressure be achieved? Peristaltic pump rated pressure according to the system can be divided into three different, 0.17MP, 0.2MP, 0.27MP. Which depends on the pump head model and hose; what is the maximum inlet pressure? Usually the pressure is 0.27MP, because the pump tube wall thickness and material vary. What is the maximum suction height? The maximum suction range can reach 8.8m water column.
Does the peristaltic pump need to set the anti-backflow check valve? No need, peristaltic pump itself has a cut-off valve function, can be two-way anti-backflow.
Can the peristaltic pump dry Yes, the principle of peristaltic pump determines that the pump can be idling dry, can pump gas, liquid, gas-liquid mixture.
Can peristaltic pump deliver impurity-containing paddle and abrasive fluid? can. The diameter of the particles and impurities in the liquid is not greater than one third of the diameter of the pump, and the viscosity of the feed depends on the material and elasticity of the pump tubing. Does the peristaltic pump have self-priming ability? In some cases, the pneumatic peristaltic pump can produce a vacuum of 660 mm Hg, ie a height of 8.8 m.
Does the peristaltic pump flow and speed be proportional to the speed of the pump head runner? Yes, the pump head every turn to produce a fixed flow output, the faster, the greater the flow.
Does the peristaltic pump have no siphon? No, the pump tube of the peristaltic pump is always pressed by the pump head and the runner is closed and closed. Therefore, as long as the pressure at both ends of the pump pipe is within the rated pressure range of the pump and pump head, there is no natural flow of fluid.
Does the peristaltic pump have more pump heads and different caliber hoses? Yes, in order to better meet the fluid delivery to improve efficiency and economy, with different drivers and pump head and hose for selection.
Can the peristaltic pump be delivered in reverse direction? Yes, peristaltic pumps can work both forward and reverse. Pump tube: Is the pump tube important? Yes, the pump tube is the pump room. The strength of the pump tube produces the suction process; the strength produces the compressive capacity; the flexible procedure determines the service life; the inner diameter determines the flow velocity and the wall thickness determines the efficiency of the pump.
What is the chemical resistance? Depending on the choice of pump tubing, different pump tubing materials can withstand different liquids. Such as strong acid and alkali.
How long can a pump tube be used? The life of the pump tubing depends on the pump speed and pump pressure, the material and chemical compatibility of the pump tubing, and the wear of the liquid being conveyed. What is the effect of pump speed on the life of the pump tubing? The lower the pump speed, the longer the pump life. What is the life of a common pump tube? From hundreds of hours to tens of thousands of hours, depending on the pump tube material and different.
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