Peristaltic pump system selection of various parts of the factors

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2017-09-18 11:37
Peristaltic pump system is divided into three components: peristaltic pump head, peristaltic pump pump and peristaltic pump driver.
First, the choice of pump head
1, pump head is divided into single-channel and multi-channel transport fluid
2, the hose to be easy to replace
3, there are easy to fix the hose
4, fine-tune the ratchet to change the gap, to adapt to different wall thickness of the hose
5, how to choose the wheel: 6 wheel structure flow is large; 10 roller structure fluid pulsation amplitude slightly smaller
6, open the card is not convenient, the trigger structure is not sensitive
Second, the choice of pump tube
1, peristaltic pump hose selection factors:
a, flexibility is better, that is, after the hose can quickly restore the shape of pressure
b, good wear resistance
c, the ability to withstand the pressure is good enough
d, good air tightness (no leakage)
e, good temperature resistance, low adsorption, no swelling, easy aging, strong corrosion resistance, low precipitation
2, peristaltic pump hose parameters
Wall thickness, diameter is the main parameters of the hose specifications, manufacturers are different ways to show different;
3, peristaltic pump hose material
Rubber, plastic, silicone rubber, synthetic materials, different performance of different materials, use is also different.
4, hose selection need to consider a few points
a, chemical resistance / chemical compatibility
b, the transmission of different fluids, the hose showed the corresponding excellent chemical properties, which is called chemical compatibility. Such as: good temperature resistance, easy aging, low adsorption, no swelling, corrosion resistance, low precipitation
c, the higher the temperature resistance to chemical corrosion is lower, at room temperature on the tube does not affect the chemical may increase with the temperature of the hose impact.
d, under pressure
Hose pressure performance limits the application of peristaltic pumps.
e, temperature
The user should consider the range of the hose to suit the operating temperature. Different materials have different temperature performance.
f, size
The size of the hose directly affects the flow rate. When designing the peristaltic pump, consider the wall thickness and inner diameter of the hose, and select the most matching hose size. The inner diameter of the hose determines the flow rate; the wall thickness determines the ability of the hose to be compressed and rebounded, and also greatly affects the life of the hose.
g, certification
Hose for related use should be certified.
h, hose life / flexibility / elasticity
Different tube type, pipe, pump head, running speed life is also different. So different hose resistance roller repeatedly squeeze, the ability to friction is also different.
Third, the choice of drive
1, the demand for traffic
2, need to flow control?
3, the need for the distribution of traffic do
4, how the protection level
5, the overall structure is reasonable not

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