How to determine the limit flow of the peristaltic pump to deliver the liquid

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2017-09-11 10:43

Flow is one of the key performance indicators of peristaltic pump, a pump head can be equipped with a variety of pump tubes, each different diameter of the pump tube flow is not the same, the same pump head diameter larger, then peristaltic pump price  The greater the flow of the pump head per turn, and vice versa. So how do you determine the limit flow (maximum and minimum) of the peristaltic pump to deliver the liquid?
Depending on your needs, select the corresponding peristaltic pump. To determine the flow, you need to consider the following factors:
1, all peristaltic pump flow data are all measured in clear water, the medium will be different from the different flow, high viscosity liquid, high solid content of liquid, poor mobility of liquid, the actual flow and marked flow will There is a great decay!
2, the flow parameters are shown in the water under the micro-head and suction measured under the test, if there is a larger suction flow will decline, the head of the flow loss is small.
3, the required flow rate should be between the pump limit flow, and please consider the impact of the two factors on the flow, the actual selection, especially the need for long-term operation of the pump, we strongly recommend that the pump at low speed Can meet the flow requirements (≤ 300rpm), long-term high-speed operation, one will reduce the pump life, the other is the hose will soon wear out, your consumable consumption (hose) will be very expensive!

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