How to solve the peristaltic pump outlet liquid dripping?

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2017-09-04 17:38
Fluid in the pipeline due to their own gravity will fall, but the liquid is filled with pipelines, but also because the pipeline is only one end connected with the atmosphere, the other end of the peristaltic pump runner crushed and can not communicate with the atmosphere, the liquid in the pipeline Will produce a tension, but because of this tension can not overcome the liquid gravity, so the liquid will still drop. Now that we know that the tension in the pipe is too small, is there any way to increase the tension, can overcome the gravity? Of course it is possible, we can pipe the mouth of the smaller way can be very easy to liquid in the tube The tension in the road easily increased, so as to solve the liquid drop phenomenon.
Of course, in addition to this simple method, we can also increase the way in the export of one-way pressure valve to solve the phenomenon of dripping, when the pump when the pump itself by the pressure generated by the one-way valve open, the pump stops when the pressure disappears Check valve is automatically closed.
In the actual work need to pay attention to the problem: the peristaltic pump in the course of the operation of the pulse phenomenon, that is, when the peristaltic pump liquid delivery due to the pulse caused by a sudden drop in the liquid flow to form anti-pumping and suction phenomenon, The diameter of the small diameter of the pipe we set must exceed the length of the peristaltic pump. Because if the set of small diameter is too small, because the liquid withdrawal, the pipeline in the export liquid surface did not stay in the small diameter of the pipeline, the liquid's large tension or not formed, naturally can not achieve the role of anti-drip.
Liquid itself is also limited by the tension of the drop, because the liquid itself will be evaporated over time, so if you need liquid anti-dripping time is longer, then may evaporate, anti-drop will fail, so if you Of the system will often appear for a long time after the use of a long time to stop, then do a completely closed one-way valve system is the only solution.
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