How to properly select the peristaltic pump head

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2017-08-14 09:21

Flow range
The requirements for the delivery flow determine the size and type of the pump tubing.
The material of the pump head
The pump head material should be corrosion resistant and the bearing should be protected against corrosive fluids or harsh environmental conditions. The pump head with high-performance plastic shell has the advantages of light weight, strong chemical resistance and low price.
The number of rollers
The number of rollers in the pump head is small, the flow rate increases; but the pulse also increases. And the number of rollers, the pulse is reduced, the packing accuracy is increased; but the flow rate is reduced and the service life of the pump pipe is shortened. In a certain period of time the number of roller tube pressure increased, the pump tube vacuum performance and pressure performance also increased.
Easy assembly and disassembly
Pharmaceutical, food supply, and the printing process are required to frequently replace the pump tube. In order to save time when cleaning or changing products, you can use quick-loading pump heads (such as Puri KZ15, KZ25, KZ35, etc.), which can save expensive labor costs and improve work efficiency.
Applicable pump tube size number
The pump head type that can only be fitted with a pump tubing size can best perform this dimension (eg, withstand pressure and vacuum, flexion yield limits, etc.). And can be equipped with a variety of pump tube size of the pump head has a more average performance. This allows the same pump head to have a large pumping flow range.
Fixed or adjustable pump tube locking degree
The advantage of a fixed-lock peristaltic pump is the best performance when it is used repeatedly, and the operator's chance of error reduction is adequate for long periods of uninterrupted operation. When used in conjunction with precision extrusion pump tubing, it provides excellent repeatability. Adjustable lockable peristaltic pump can adjust the degree of locking of the large pump tube during self-irrigation, or adjust the degree of small lock in low pressure applications to extend the service life of the pump tubing. This method can also achieve the purpose of fine-tuning traffic. This is particularly useful for traffic synchronization of multi-channel pump heads. (Such as Puri BZ25, BZ35)
Special pump head
It provides a unique pump head configuration for specific market needs, such as a variety of special pump heads for smooth delivery requirements, rapid volume distribution requirements, long-range pumping requirements, or superior chemical resistance requirements. Such a pump head can be a special function of the advantages to the limit.

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