Classification and main features of peristaltic pump motor

2017-08-01 15:41

First, stepper motor OEM peristaltic pump.
Stepping motor OEM peristaltic pump
1, the general stepper motor precision for the 3-5% of the step angle, and not cumulative.
2, stepper motor OEM peristaltic pump appearance to allow the maximum temperature. Stepping motor temperature is too high will first demagnetize the magnetic material of the motor, resulting in the decline in torque and even out of step, so the motor surface to allow the maximum temperature should depend on the different magnetic materials, magnetic demagnetization point; Points are more than 130 degrees Celsius, and some even up to more than 200 degrees Celsius, so stepper motor exterior temperature at 80-90 degrees Celsius completely normal.
3, stepper motor OEM peristaltic pump torque will increase with the speed of decline. When the stepping motor rotates, the inductance of each phase winding of the motor will form a reverse electromotive force; the higher the frequency, the greater the reverse electromotive force. In its role, the motor with the frequency (or speed) increases and phase current decreases, resulting in decreased torque.
4, stepper motor OEM peristaltic pump can run normally at low speed, but if higher than a certain speed can not start, and accompanied by howling. Stepper motor has a technical parameter: no-load start frequency, that is, stepper motor in the case of no-load can start the normal pulse frequency, if the pulse frequency is higher than the value of the motor can not start normally, may occur stealing or stall. In the case of a load, the starting frequency should be lower. If the motor is to be rotated at high speed, the pulse frequency should have an acceleration process, ie a low starting frequency and then a certain acceleration to the desired high frequency Stepping motor with its significant characteristics, in the digital manufacturing era to play a major use. With the development of different digital technologies and stepper motor technology itself, stepper motor will be applied in more areas.
Second, brush DC servo motor - low cost, simple structure, large starting torque, wide speed range, easy control, the need for maintenance, but easy maintenance (for carbon brush), will produce electromagnetic interference, the environment requirements The So it can be used for cost-sensitive general industrial and civilian applications.
Third, the brushless DC servo motor - the motor is small, light weight, output, fast response, high speed, inertia, smooth rotation, torque stability. Easy to achieve intelligent, the electronic commutation way flexible, can be square wave commutation or sine wave commutation. Motor maintenance-free carbon brush loss does not exist, high efficiency, low operating temperature, low noise, low electromagnetic radiation, long life, can be used for a variety of environments.
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