Application of Peristaltic Pump in Beer Filling

Application of Peristaltic Pump in Beer Filling

Beer is one of the most favorite drinks in peoples lives. It has a unique taste and is convenient to drink. However, do you know how delicious beer is produced?

Beer is one of the most favorite drinks in people's lives. It has a unique taste and is convenient to drink. However, do you know how delicious beer is produced? Chuangrui peristaltic pump specializing in fluid treatment solutions will answer for you!
The process of beer brewing can be roughly divided into two components: pre-fermentation and post-fermentation. In the process of pre-fermentation, it is necessary to fully fuse the boiled, filtered, and diluted wort with brewer's yeast to carry out the fermentation reaction; Then, after 1~4 months of post-fermentation, and finally filtering and bottling, we have all the brands and types of beer we see on the market.
So, in the beer production process, which steps are the peristaltic pumps mainly used in?
1.Transmission of beer yeast Yeast addition is an important step in beer fermentation, and the timing and amount of addition have strict standards.
2.Wort clarifier solution transmission Adding an appropriate amount of wort clarifier to the wort can improve the quality of the wort, thereby increasing the shelf life of the beer.
3.Bottle filling The filling system is used to inject beer into the bottle to complete the packaging, and the entire production is completed.
It is not difficult to see that the peristaltic pumps have outstanding performance in fluid processing, whether it is in transmission or filling.
In addition, about beer packaging, it is worth noting that more than 71% of beer in the world is filled with glass bottles, which indirectly triggers a huge filling market demand. Among them, the supporting role of the peristaltic pump in the filling system, Has absolute application advantages. To meet the precise requirements of hygiene and dosage in the delivery of various additives, the Chuangrui peristaltic pump provides convenience and guarantee for fluid handling in the production process through the following aspects:
Chuangrui peristaltic pump products have excellent flow stability and dosage accuracy, and no pressure for corrosive or sensitive fluid transmission;
In the entire fluid pumping process, the peristaltic pump hose is the only contact part. The hose used by the Chuangrui peristaltic pump is an imported silicone tube, which meets USP Class VI, FDA and NSF related standards, and is hygienic and sterile;
Technical solutions support customized expansion, and can provide equipment solutions and corresponding designs according to the actual needs of customers;
Multiple product models and multiple hose sizes are available to meet different production needs.
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