Peristaltic pump and metering pump

Peristaltic pump and metering pump

Peristaltic pump hose pump also called peristaltic pump,

efinition of metering pump and peristaltic pump:
Peristaltic pump hose pump also called peristaltic pump, the pump is a new kind of industry, it is the product of modern industrial development, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries, conveying some with sensitivity, viscous, strong corrosive and have a grinding effect, high purity, and contains a metering pump, and can measure the liquid of mechanical transmission, Also called quantitative pump, proportional pump.
Metering pump refers to the pump that can measure the delivery of liquid, also called quantitative pump, proportional pump, so it is often used for the addition of various types of agents, so it is also called dosing pump. Metering pumps can transport fluid stably, through speed and proportion adjustment can achieve flow regulation and control.
Types of metering pumps:
The generalized metering pump that meets the metering function of many pumps, peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump, plunger pump, injection pump, gear pump, and so on can be satisfied. But usually what people call a metering pump is mainly a diaphragm pump and plunger pump or piston pump, the diaphragm pump is mainly divided into a pneumatic diaphragm pump and electric diaphragm pump.
Characteristics and advantages of peristaltic pump:
1, Peristaltic pump with globe valve function, no one-way check valve, no seals, will not produce blocking or wear problems.
2, The liquid only through the peristaltic pump hose, no dead Angle, very clean and sanitary.
3, Peristaltic pump to replace the hose is simple, easy to maintain, does not need professional maintenance workers, the hose after reaching the service life of ordinary operators can be replaced. The service life of the peristaltic pump hose can refer to the comparison life table of the peristaltic pump hose.
The characteristics and problems of metering pump:
1, Plunger pump and diaphragm pump contain one-way check valve, seal diaphragm, etc. The maintenance cost of plunger pump and diaphragm pump is high, the need for disassembly and cleaning, and the disassembly and maintenance need professional workers, the difficulty of maintenance is high, the need for a long time, the pollution of the site is very large.
2, Plunger pump and diaphragm pump work liquid through the pump body, there is a dead Angle in the pump body, which will cause the pump cleaning is very difficult. Cannot be used for processes requiring hygiene and clean delivery.

Peristaltic pump and metering pump


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