Application of peristaltic pump in the reaction kettle

Reaction kettle

The chemical reaction has a certain degree of danger, which requires the experimenter to have a certain experimental quality and operational level. When adding reaction raw materials to the reactor, the precise operation is also required, and the operator is labor-intensive. The use of peristaltic pump feeding can replace a large number of manual operations in traditional experimental methods, greatly reduce the labor intensity of experimental personnel, and improve the efficiency of experimental and scientific research results.

The peristaltic pumps are respectively connected to the raw material pots containing different raw materials, and the operating status of each peristaltic pump is adjusted to achieve

Application advantages of peristaltic pump in the chemical reaction process

 Using a peristaltic pump instead of human hands to feed the reactor during the chemical reaction process has the following advantages

1) It flows in the hose without contacting the pump body, which avoids the pollution of raw materials by the pump body and reduces the influence of impurities during chemical reactions. At the same time, the mechanical components of the pump body will not be damaged due to the corrosiveness of the raw materials.

 2) When the peristaltic pump is started, there is no need to irrigate the pump. It has a strong self-priming ability and can generate enough vacuum suction to suck the raw material from the raw material pot into the hose so that the installation position of the peristaltic pump can be changed by adjusting the length of the hose flexible

3) The peristaltic pump has a simple structure and strong adaptability, which is suitable for transporting high viscosity and high specific gravity reaction liquid.

Application of peristaltic pump in the reaction kettle

4) The pump body has special requirements such as no leakage and no sealing, which eliminates the loss and pollution caused by the leakage of chemical reaction materials. The pressure roller itself acts as a valve when the pump is stopped to prevent backflow.

5) The peristaltic pump is sensitive and stable in suction and discharge. It can be controlled for continuous pumping of chemical raw materials and can also be used for automated management.

6) The peristaltic pump has high flow accuracy and is easy to achieve micro and ultra micro liquid pumping, liquid addition, and dripping. It is accurate, simple, and reliable in the delivery and preparation of various raw materials.

7) Each raw material pot is independently controlled by a peristaltic pump, the pumping of each raw material does not interfere with each other, and it is easy to synthesize solutions of various proportions.

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