The application of peristaltic pump-Microfluidic injection pumps

Keywords:peristaltic pump, microfluidic injection pumps

Microfluidic chip technology scale inheritance makes it possible to carry out high-speed, parallel acquisition and analysis of individual biological information. It is an important information acquisition and processing platform for modern biological science, and provides technical support and operation platform for research in the field of life. By using the chip scale integration, microscale heat transfer effect, controllable microfluidics, biomimetic space microstructure and other characteristics, microfluidic chip technology has made remarkable achievements in the fields of biological gene engineering, disease diagnosis and drug research, cell analysis, biomolecular interaction and so on.
Biogenetic engineering is mainly based on nucleic acid molecular hybridization technology, which is also the origin of biomicrochip technology (DNA chip). Generally, a high-density designed oligonucleotide or cDNA sequence dot matrix is fixed on the chip surface, and nucleic acid hybridization is carried out with labeled fluorescent probe. The hybridization fluorescence signal is analyzed by devices such as laser confocal scanning microscope /CCD fluorescence microscope, and then the nucleotide pairing sequence information is obtained. Gene chip is widely used in large-scale gene sequencing and gene diagnosis technology, so that we can understand the phenomenon of life activity at the gene level.
Cell analysis
In the field of life science, analyzing the morphological changes of cell components and life activities has always been an important method to study life phenomena. The characteristics of biomimetic spatial microstructures of microfluidic chips provide a very good operating platform for cell culture, single-cell capture, etc., and make integrated cell research possible, such as cell injection, culture, sorting, lysis, separation and detection, etc., which can be completed on a chip.
The introduction of syringe pump
Support multiple working modes: injection extraction injection extraction injection
4.3-inch color touch LCD screen is adopted for convenient and quick parameter setting
Multiple indicator lights, clearly confirm their working status
Support a variety of syringe options, can adapt to different experimental flow requirements.
High precision control, soft and hard protection mechanism and alarm mechanism.
Built in RS-485 communication, support Modbus protocol.
Wide range power input, suitable for various occasions.

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